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Having a bright and charismatic personality is a very good start for the career of a celebrity.

Yook Sung Jae

possesses both the traits, besides he is funny, outgoing and talkative. It goes without saying, that his good looks and pleasant voice won him lots of fans not only in South Korea but also overseas. Yook Sungjae’s achievements on his celebrity path were marked by numerous awards, although he is still a young and promising idol. Yook Sungjae was born in Suwon, the Gyeonggi-do’s capital and largest city, which is the most inhabited one surrounding Seoul. Sungjae grew as a timid and positive child in a wealthy family.
As it was discovered from one of Yook Sungjae’s interviews, his father is a CEO of a Korean IT company dealing with semiconductors. Yook Sungjae has an elder sister, Sungyoung. He also mentioned once that his elder sister liked to doll him up when they were children. That was one of the reasons he felt like a real celebrity starting from those days. Judging by that fact, their relationships were rather close during childhood. Unfortunately, there is not much information about Yook Sungjae’s family and childhood. However, his lively character shows that their family was a close-knit one. Besides, when he was younger, Yook Sungjae declared that he wanted to marry before reaching the age of 25 years. He also mentioned that he liked children and wanted to become a friend-like father for them.


Yook Sungjae studied at the Seowon Elementary and Middle School. He also attended classes at Hanlim Arts High School. After graduation he was admitted to Dongshin University with his major in Practical Music. Yook Sungjae attended English classes in Cebu, Philippines.


Yook Sungjae has a mother, a father and an elder sister.


There is no confirmed information about whom Sungjae is dating, and he denies the fact that he has a girlfriend. Moreover, one of the members of BTOB posted a photo in Instagram, where Sungjae seemed to be with a girl. At the picture, you could see only feet of two people standing close to each other. Later the video revealed that it was Yook Sungjae who put female high heels on his arms just to play a prank.

Favorite Things

Movie: “Bruce Almighty” Food: Dwinjang jjigae Songs: Na Yoon Kwon – “Since that Day”, Kim Dong Ryul – “Old Song” Colors: Red and Black Number: 6,66,666 Role Model: Kim Dongryul Ideal Type: Shin Min-ah Fashion Style: Dandy and Sophisticated Fashion Motto: “Poise is the absolute factor in life” Hobbies: Fishing, Japanese, Shopping Sports: Snowboarding ( I find that an odd number to like tho)

Fun facts

1. Fans: Yookies 2. Sungjae can space out from time to time and thinks of this habit as a bad one. 3. Sungjae loves children and wants to get married early; however, his tight schedule at work may prevent him to achieve his dream. 4. He likes to take long walks and to play pranks, but he does not have time for any of these any more. 5. Since Sungjae is the tallest in the group, he tries to take the side position at photos. 6. As Sungjae confesses in one of the interviews, one of his nicknames is “handsome lunatic”. 7. The name Sungjae can be translated as “the mighty warrior”. 8. Sungjae likes to make funny selfies and post them on Twitter. 9. Sungjae admits that being a singer is easier for him. 10. Sungjae got so excited after getting his role in “Who Are You – School 2015” that he could barely sleep at night. 11. Thanks to Sungjae’s increasing popularity in acting, the popularity of their boy band is also raising. 12. Sungjae is an ambassador of King Sejong Institution. 13. Sungjae and Kim So-hyeon-I sang a love song at the Award Ceremony in 2015. 14. BTOB, Sungjae’s boy band, will be joining the KCON 2016 New York lineup. 15. In Singapore, Sungjae is the most popular member of BTOB. 16. His dream was to become a ballad vocalist. 17. He likes to look in the mirror often. 18. He likes wearing jackets. 19. His ideal type is Shin Minah. 20. He likes a girl who is cute, thoughtful, and enthusiastic, and very direct.

SungJae's Dramas

*Reply 1994.

I couldn't find gifs with sungjae so I just added pictures in two of the

Who are You: School 2015

Age Ending in Nine Boy

The Village: Achira's Secret


To be Honest with you guys..... (sigh) when I saw this part in this weekend episodes is when I decided to do MCM on him..I totally fell for him when I saw this look..OH MYYYY GAAAAAAWWDDD he look sooooo HOT!! Oh my goodness...Peniel is in danger of becoming second of my BTOB biases.. :-((
He has participated in multiples variety shows as well, as you can see below .


Pretty Cool huh? here is SunJae singing.. enjoy.

~Yook Sung Jae~

BTOB "Love Song"

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Great card Luna! Thank you for shinning a spotlight on one of our boys!
😆😆😆🤗 Glad you like it..hehe
lol he's such a lovable person! He's my BTOB bias, Goblin confirmed that. This drama makes me love him more as if me loving him and causing me 2nd lead syndrome in Who Are You: School 2015 wasn't enough... He's such a cutie!
I understand him on the fav number, I think, lol. His family name is one of the words for the number 6. I imagine that would be why he chose that (six 6s).
I really love him. Great Man Crush! I know exactly the part of goblin episode you're talking about too!
that part i posted the gifs, 😍😍😙😘😙😍😍😍😍
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