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Part two of the Europe series! And still quite a bit to go. On the same trip to Bath, Somerset, my parents decided that I should get out of London just one more time to go see the University of Cambridge– a school that a few family members have attended. If you have read my other posts, you will know that I attend university in Manhattan; the quiet life never appealed to me. I start feeling claustrophobic at campuses and I need the sirens outside my window to lull me to sleep. That being said, Cambridge is absolutely beautiful. The clean grass fields (upon which students are not allowed to tread), the buildings, and the quaint university town are just so... perfect. I felt just a little bit smarter just walking around. My parents toured me, showing me specific college buildings and where what happened. It is amazing to see how little the town seems to have changed. I felt as though I could have gone back hundreds of years and the town would have looked the same. They have made a clear effort to make sure nothing impedes upon the looks of the university town. I must say they have done a great job. After my unofficial tour we had typical English lunch and then went punting on the Cam, as seen above. Basically I was living a postcard. *sigh* I am so glad that I got the opportunity to put this up. Midterms are slowly but surely ripping apart my soul but I have quite a few other posts that I am working on to put up! But for now, feast your eyes on Cambridge.
@sabeenb thanks for sharing! I've always wanted to see this campus. Like you, I think it's a bit too quiet for me but I'd love to visit