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You thought this Fanfic war was over?

Oh this battle is FAR from over! DX


I need backup in this fanfic war! ><
Round 1~ Suga(r) V. (G)Dragon


“Yo, I'm heading out, don't wait up for me again okay?” Sailynn shouted over her shoulder as she swept into the living room to pick up her sweatshirt from the couch adjacent to her roommate Jojo.
“Again? This is the fifth time this week child. I never see you anymore, where do you go?” Jojo asked, pausing her Kdrama to look at Sailynn.
Sailynn simply shrugged her shoulders as she pulled down her sweatshirt and popped in a headphone. “Far far away to escape reality.” And with that, she shoots Jojo a quick smile and turns to head out the door before her roommate could ask any more questions.
Jojo sat there, staring at the closed door with her lips slightly apart until she sighed heavily and ran a hand through her hair. “Poor child. She must be taking everything hard after the Youngjae incident.” Jojo shook her head and returned her attention to the beautiful man on the screen, letting her own reality get lost into the plot line.
That is- until her stomach growled loudly.
“Aisshh! Really!? I don't wanna get up and make food!” Jojo rolled her head back and draped an arm across her face. What was the worst part about living in the outskirts of Seoul? People didn't deliver beyond city limits- and DoorDash or UberFoods wasn't trending in the area either.
“Sail!” Jojo called, waiting to hear her little maknae pop out of her room with a cheery tone until she realized Sail had disappeared. “Aishh. I swear. I need to talk to her tonight so she can get over the whole ordeal with Youngjae.”
Jojo paused her drama once again and got up, dragging her feet towards the kitchen to search for anything edible that was delicious but also didn't take too much effort to make.
“Damnit. I need to go grocery shopping again for goodies- or hide these somewhere.” Jojo said into the empty box of ChocoPies she had found in the cabinet. Her stomach growled again. “Yaah! I heard you the first time!”
Jojo made her way back to her room to grab her bag then turned off the television as she slipped on her shoes. “I didn't want to leave the couch today.” She mumbled as she left the apartment complex and stepped into the real world.
After carefully using the bus system and weaving in and out of the boarding and departing crowding, Jojo finally managed to make it within city limits of Seoul without having to call Sail to ask for help so she could avoid getting lost.
As she walked down a more crowded street, Jojo spotted a tteokbokki cart, immediately thinking of Sail and how much she had whined about eating tteokbokki had to be the first thing they ate when they first moved to Seoul.
“That child is getting into my head too much.” Jojo continued walking, stopping to stare back at the cart when her stomach growled again. “Aishh! Okay okay. I'll feed you tteokbokki!” She marched back to the cart and ordered a serving of the non spicy rice cakes. She thanked the ahjussi and carried on walking down the street, in search of something else to munch on in case the rice cakes didn't do the trick.
Jojo popped a rice cake into her mouth as she crossed the sidewalk, completely engulfed into the flavors of the sauce until she looked up from the small cup and stared down the block, meeting eye to eye with a 4D oppa that gave her goosebumps after the last meeting with him.
“Shit.” She dropped the tteokbokki in her hand and crossed the street again, breaking into a speed walk when she heard her name getting called over and over again. “Nope, nope, nope. Not dealing with this right now. I knew I should have stayed home and cooked something. Damnit Sail, I blame you!”
Despite the awkward half run, she turned a corner and headed straight into a small cafe that was tucked in between taller buildings. Her heart was racing too fast for her own liking. Partly because of the almost run in with the 4D oppa, and partly because she had never dodged a bullet so fast in her life.
“Damnit.” Jojo hissed under her breath and proceeded to bow to the owners of the cafe before stepping to the counter to order a cup of tea to settle her soul.
Jojo's hair on the back of her neck stood straight up.
“Jojo, is that you?”
She spun around quickly and felt her heart leap twice the distance she ran to get to the cafe.
“It is you!”
“Yonghwa oppa!” Jojo smiled from ear to ear while bowing to the man behind her.
“It's so good to see you! What are you doing in Seoul?”
Jojo's cheeks began to tint with the question. Yonghwa had been on her 'Must Contact' list after moving to Seoul but she had never gotten around to calling him with everything that had kept her preoccupied. “I've actually moved to Seoul.....” Jojo answered slowly, watching his reaction go from happy to a strange type of surprise that didn't fit the category of content nor dissatisfaction.
“Since when? You should have calle-”
The door bells chimed, striking fear in Jojo's heart. Without thinking, she threw her arms around Yonghwa and hugged him tightly while she spun them both around so Yonghwa's tall figure blocked the view of the doorway.
“Oh. Okay,” Yonghwa chuckled, hugging Jojo back and patting her on the back. “Nice to see you too-”
“Shhh. Don't talk,” Jojo growled quietly, listening to the voices carefully. She stood on her tip toes and peered over his shoulder, releasing Yonghwa instantly when failing to detect any sign of the 4D oppa ever entering the cafe. “Sorry. I was being followed,” Jojo sighed with a hand running through her hair.
He raised an eyebrow. “Well damn, when did the feisty Jojo go soft?”
“What do you mean?” She asked, furrowing her eyebrows at him.
“If you were being followed by a regular person, you'd just turn around and kick their ass. This must not be a regular person. Is it a cyclops? You from the future? Sail with some type of aegyo machine?” He chuckled.
Jojo glared at him. “No. Nothing like that. I just didn't want to deal with him today so I hid.”
“Ma'am, your tea is ready.”
Jojo and Yonghwa turned to the barista. While Jojo retrieved her drink, Yonghwa pulled up a chair and motioned for her to sit across from him.
“So. Details. Miss SinglePringleNoMarriageSheriff, did you meet a man that popped the question and you're running from the wedding?” He smirked playfully, leaning back in his chair and crossing his legs to .
Jojo rolled her eyes. “God no. Nothing like that. Look, it's a long story and it's best not to talk about it. I don't wanna jinx my chances and run into him again.”
“Why? You're not the kind of person to runaway from your problems. You're definitely not a damsel in distress type.”
“No, but I rather not even right now.” She hissed quietly and took a small sip of tea to calm the remaining of her anxious jitters.
“Fine. Be that way. Let's change the topic then.”
Jojo nodded.
“What finally brought you to Seoul? I thought you with KpopINT in LA.”
“I was, and I still am. We just have a base in Seoul now and our CEO sent us out here to set everything up.”
Yonghwa crossed his arms across his chest. “And you've yet to call me? I thought we were close.”
“We are close.... I just got busy....” Jojo took another sip to avoid his stare.
“Busy? Sail came too right? Of course she did. I doubt she's been dragging you everywhere she goes.... actually, where is Sail? You two are always glued at the hip.” Yonghwa turned around, searching the cafe in case he missed the little ball of sunshine by chance.
“She's not with me today. I don't know where she is actually.”
Yonghwa gasped. “Did you lose her?!”
Jojo snorted, “Of course not. I can't get rid of her even if I wanted to. That child knows how to navigate herself home with a stick and a plastic bag. She's going through a tough heartbreak so I think she's living part time in a dance studio somewhere.”
“A heartbreak? That sunshine got heartbroken? What happened? Did you tell her you were breaking up with her?”
Jojo shook her head. “She got heartbroken by another ball of sunshine?”
Yonghwa stared at her with a blank gaze. “I'm still not following.”
Jojo waved her hands in front of her as if trying to erase the topic. “Nothing. Just a bump in the road. She'll be fine.”
Yonghwa crossed his legs and leaned in, placing his chin on top of his folded fingers. “You're not telling me details, Jojo. We dodged the first topic and now you want to dodge this one too? You better start talking or else I'm gonna run outside and cause a commotion that'll draw in whoever was following you.”
“Pffttt. Whatever.”
“Oh?” Yonghwa stood up. “Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please?” He shouted loudly, making everyone in the cafe stop and stare at the two of them.
Jojo gasped.“Shit. Oppa, stop.”
“I'd like to make an announcement!” Yonghwa went on.
“Okay, okay! I'll tell you! Stop please!” She hissed.
“The woman across from me has accepted to be my friend for a long time, thank you, that is all.” Yonghwa sat down with a sly grin on his face as customers in the cafe awkwardly clapped at the strange announcement. “So. You were saying?”
“That's playing dirty!” Jojo growled.
“Yeah well, Sail once told that to beat savage, you have to act savage,” he answered with a playful wink.
Jojo shook her head one more time. “Fine. Whatever. Long story short, Sail was going out with Got7's Youngjae but got rained check and that rain check lead her to spend time with Jun.K-”
“Choco Panda.”
Jojo met his gaze for a second then looked away again, “Right.... anyways, media took it as a date and released pictures and Youngjae found out and well, that ended whatever they had.” She flickered her eyes back to Yonghwa, his expression still frozen in deep concentration. “And that's it.”
He blinked. “So you're running from what? Sail after your ass?”
“I don't wanna talk about that. You said I only had to explain one topic or the other-”
Yonghwa cleared his throat and began to stand up again.
“Okay okay! Sit down and I'll explain!” She looked around for a moment to make sure that they hadn't drawn any extra attention then leaned in with her finger motioning for Yonghwa to lean in closer too. “I'm hiding from Lee Donghae,” she whispered quietly.
“Okay. Why?”
“Long story.”
Yonghwa raised an eyebrow, “I've got lots of time Jojo.”
She sighed heavily and took one more sip of tea that became more like a shot. “Long story short. I was forced by Sail to go on a date wi-”
“I'm getting there damnit, let me finish.”
“With a sugar cube and news traveled to the point that Donghae thought I was dating the sugar cube and it lead to him being an ass to me so I went off on him and well, now I just don't want to deal with him for the time being.”
“That's it?”
“That's it. Why?”
Out of nowhere, Yonghwa threw his head back in laughter, clutching onto his stomach to hold himself together, all while Jojo gently banged her head against the table, regretting ever walking into the cafe and having to put up with the man child in front of her.
“Jojo. The one that could probably talk her way out of getting killed by an axe murder and take on an army of aegyo specialists, is running away from an awkward situation?” He finally said once he calmed down.
“Yaah! I'm not running away, I'm just choosing my battles....” She brought the cup up to her lips and began to nibble on the edges to avoid looking at Yonghwa.
“Wow. If that's called choosing your battles then Sail must be avoid a war with what happened to her.”
“No, she's just sulking. She'll be back to regular Sail in no time.”
“Mmmhmmm. And you're going to go talk to Donghae right?”
“Hell no. He's the one being an ass-”
“And you're the one avoiding him.”
Jojo glared at Yonghwa, trying to remember where he lived in case she needed to murder him in his sleep.
“Look, if someone invents glasses that shoots lazers when you glare at someone, I'll make sure to buy you a pair so you can shoot me, for now, no such thing exists. So how bout you drink up your tea so I can take you home before it gets dark, hmm?”
Jojo's lips twitched with an attempt to smile but she quickly avoided the situation by drinking up the rest of her tea. “You're mean to me, you know.”
Yonghwa stood up when Jojo stood up and smiled, “No, no, I'm just the oppa that helps a cute face like yours face their fears.”
Jojo stopped, “what?”
He shook his head and motioned for her to go ahead of him.
In the safety of Yonghwa's car, Jojo leaned her head back against the seat and closed her eyes. Next time, she'd definitely put in the time and effort to make something at home rather than going out for a snack. That way she wouldn't have her life reduced by 10 years if she ran into Donghae again.
“Okay, we're here!”
Her eyes flared open. “What? Already-” She stared out the car window inn horror. From a distance, she spotted Donghae getting off a van then getting escorted inside a building. The SM building. “Yonghwa this isn't funny. Take me home.”
Yonghwa chuckled. “You are home.”
She turned around and growled at him. “Take me home, please.”
He sighed. “Fine.” Then immediately unlocked the car doors, and unbuckled her seatbelt, reaching across to open her door and shoving her out of the car in the process with a swift move before closing the door and locking them.
Jojo jumped up and turned to bang her fists against the window. “Yaah!”
He lowered the window just an inch and waved goodbye. “You can do it Jojo! Go talk to him! Oppa believes in you!”
“Let me back in, this isn't funny!” She yelled.
“You got this! Remember, you're not a damsel, and you're definitely not in distress, because you're feisty!” And with that, Yonghwa rolled up the window and drove away, stranding her in front of the SM building.
“Oh, Jojo, is that you?”
Jojo turned around at the sound of evil behind her. “Kyuhyun-”
“Are you here to see Donghae? I just arrived but he was ahead of me,” Kyuhyun said, smiling from ear to ear.
“Actually. Um, no.”
“Nonsense, come on, I'll get you inside,” Kyuhyun kept smiling, inching closer towards her.
“Whoa. Hello, there Miss RedandSweaty. Did you go running in those clothes?” Sail asked as soon as Jojo barged in through the door.
Jojo stopped dragging her feet to look at Sail standing in the kitchen. “You.” Jojo pointed directly at her with a long finger. “Stop eating my ChocoPies.”
Sail scratched her head as Jojo made her way to her room and slammed the door behind her.

I like this oppa. Can we keep him? ;)

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