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So day 6 of the anime challenge is anime I haven't seen but want to and that's where you guys come in cause there are three I've wanted to watch for a while and your votes will tell me what order to watch them voting closes when I finish rewatching noragami so I'd give it a week or so
Ok so option one an obvious fan favorite I've never heard anyone say, "blue exorcist why the fuck would you watch that garbage," and all the reviews I've read are great because it's gotta be good right? Or is it overrated?
Number 2 is kill la kill I started it but I was in school at the time and couldn't do homework (and actually do it) and read subtitles so I put it on hold and now I'm back to looking at the title like, "is it time?"
Number three was Btooom. I recently finished future diary and saw that this was a similar survival game anime which I thought was the coolest thing about future diary so ive got a pretty good reason to want to watch this one too. VOTING IS NOW OPEN
I'd day go with Btoom since you haven't seen it but it's similar to something you like. Ao no Exorcist is decent at best never really anything to be "stoked" about and since you've started Kill La Kill you pretty much know what it's about and what your getting into though Mako is my favorite part of it to me she saved it from being dull and predictable. So yeah Btoom is probably ya best shot but hey it's your choice bro go nuts and enjoy anime :)
Were the f#$ k am I
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Ohhhh lol
hmm... I have yet to see Btoom myself, but I love the other 2. I may be a little swayed by my current rewatch of it since its second season finally started, but my vote goes to Blue Exorcist! I'd forgotten how much I loved it! Especially the soundtrack!
I wanna say blue exorcist but nano made the opening for btoom so I say btoom!
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@politot I'll make a card with some of her music videos and covers of vocaloid songs