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Chapter 1


It had been years of me doing this business. I was good at it. All my jobs up until now had gone without a problem. I was a professional. You wanted someone gone and I took care of it. No questions asked. No remorse. Why do I do this? Money. Plain and simple. If you asked me do I enjoy killing? No. I don't do this job for pleasure. I do it as any other normal person does any other normal job. Someone has to do it. I got the skills for it, so why not me? My goal was to do this job for 10 years and then retire. Live off the rest of my life on a tiny little island drinking a nice martini and maybe, just maybe finally settle down. Now, I know having sentimental attachments on this kind of job isn't a good idea but I figured once I'm done with it, I may like having a family too. But currently, of course, its not good for the business. Ever since I started this career, I have managed to stay away from sentimental entanglements. Of course, I do enjoyed the occasional encounters, I'm a man afterall. But any serios relationship is never good for this business. It is only a disadvantage for those involved. Your enemies can use that against you, so why give them the ammunition? And so that brings me to my rule number one: "Don't get attached." There's a set of rules to which I like to adhere and follow. Everyone on this business has their own rules. Some, have no rules at all. My rule number two: "I do not kill children." Call me hypocrite if you want, but not even I am that heartless. And finally, there's my final rule: "Always get paid upfront." I do not like to haggle with people. I give you a quota for how much the job will be and I expect you to pay exactly that amount. No haggling allowed. No excuses. I do not want to hear your sad, little, life story. Ugh, those are the people I hate the most. You're paying me to get rid of someone no to be your shrink. Never on this eight years on the business, have I broken the rules. They were there for my protection as well as the protection of my clients. So, why was I doubting to shoot the target right now? Life has a funny way to come back and bite you in the ass. Just when you think it is going exactly as you had planned, it throws you the biggest curve ball it can find. And my curve ball was standing right in front of the lense of my sniper riffle.
Time to say goodbye to the bias for a while. I'll miss his crazy posts. They always make me smile. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. It was a small one but I needed it to end with a bang πŸ˜†. Next Chapter: Chapter 2 My Tag List: @Elena166 @chinabarrier16 @SkyBlast @TaraJenner @Kira9404 @Luna1171 @Anime4life20 @SaraHanna @Selfishmachines @midnighter12 @raenel @TracyLynn @JacksonWangxme @Eli20 @dchapple45 @Lexxcisco @LittleJiminie @Jaysbae13 @AyleenChavez @KwonOfAKind Please let me know if you wanna be tagged or just follow the collection for updates 😁.
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