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Sorry about not posting so many cards on time I haven't been sleeping very well because have insomnia). I am also getting sick so my insomnia is getting even worse and I can't really focus.
I also have a ridiculous amount of essays that I have to do constantly (i get like 5-8 essays in a 7 day school week)
Once I feel better I will post a to my schedule. I will try to post according to my secure now but I can't guarantee that I will but still I'm going to try to all of my abilities
If you want to be tagged just say so I'm the comments. ^w^
Gotta take care of yourself now, to be around in the future. Loads of luck on your essays too. GAMBARE!!!!!
Thanks I hope I'll be around in the future I want to live to 101
hope you get well soon. and good luck with the essays. oh and do you play an instrument?
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@CoryWilkening by music I meant I'm constantly listening to it if that why you asked
wow. that a lot of essay. good luck. but don't worry. Health is important n school. Do get better n good luck with the hw.
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that's good u add some fun.
Take as much time as you need, we'll wait for your arrival. Don't Worry
I'll try to get better and I'll try to still post like I do normally but I can't garuntee I can but I don't want to make you guys wait
I hope you feel better soon and take your time because your health comes first
I usually vet over these things fairly fast so I should (hopefully) be back to my normal posting habits soon and thank you
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