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Sooo its been several days since danger has been posted. I realized. I had a really good awkward scene to use. mostly cuz it totally happened the other day (yes mother daughter day did not turn out the way I thought lol but entertainment) So I have a warning right away! like jumping right to it! And for those who remember Eliza had a dirty dream . . . you'll find a bit out.

I couldn't figure which warning to use. I used both!

******* Eliza was doing a good job avoiding being alone with Jin. As the days went on her dream was slowly being forgotten which was for the best.  Belle was back at the studio but Eliza was doing make up for the guys on location at one of the concerts. Her partner was gone so it was only her and the make up artist to help out. She watched the concert from the sidelines. Several times she would snap a few pictures and send them to Belle. Towards the end of the concert people were throwing stuff on the stage for the guys. They spent a while talking before they sang a final song for them. Eliza was idling playing on her phone going through forum after forum for different groups. Something in front of her face caught her attention. Startled Eliza looked up to see red material in her face. Kooki was staring at her, crouched in front of her. "Kooki!" She said startled. She was sitting on the ground so he had to crouch to be face to face like this with her. "Hi Eliza!" He said. "Can you tell me what this is? It confused me" he said. "Someone threw it on stage.". He stretched out the material and Eliza's eyes widened. "Someone threw underwear at you?" She questioned. "Well several pairs. Jin took the others away" he said. "Holy crap! First get that thing away from me" she exclaimed the shook her head. "No wait give it to me, I'll go throw it away. That's so weird" she said. "Why? Its just underwear? Jin and yoongi looked disgusted by it, but I don't get it" he looked at the underwear. "I mean it doesn't look like underwear, it has this whole here, is it for someone who has a third leg? Or transgender?" He was genuinely confused. Sighing Eliza realized she had to explain. "Kooki its crotchless panties. You know so there's nothing covering the privates. It makes it easier access. . . . " she slowly trailed off as his eyes got wider with understanding. "What? What! What!" He was slightly panicking as he threw the underwear away from him. "Expensive looks like Victoria secret too" Eliza couldn't help but tease. "Why are you scarring him!" Jin was standing there all of a sudden. He looked angry. "He was questioning me" eliza said. Seeing him standing there with a handful of panties in his hand an image flashed through her mind of Jin slowly taking her panties off and leaving a trail of kisses down her leg as he removed them. Oh god her dream! Why! Eliza looked away from him. A noise from Jin caught her attention. He seemed annoyed now. "What has you in a bad mood?" Eliza questioned slowly looking at him, hoping her face wasn't red. "If you don't like me just tell me straight out Eliza" Jin said. "Uhm, I'm going to go play with Tae" kooki said slowly moving away from them and leaving. "Jin I don't hate you" eliza said ruffling her nose. "Yea sure" he said and started walking away. Eliza scrambled to her feet and ran after him.  Namjoon and suga saw her and tried to get her attention but she didn't notice. By the stairs she caught up with him. Grabbing his arm she dragged him to the staircase, thankfully no one was using. "What?" Jin rounded on her. "I'm sorry  kay. I don't hate you. I'm just a bit embarrassed around you right now" she admitted. "Why would you be embarrassed? I haven't done anything to you" he said. "Look I don't want to fight after a really good performance so let's just stop" he sighed. Eliza said and looked away from him. Actually turner all the way around from him. When he sighed and took a step away she spoke up. "I had a really dirty dream about you a couple days ago" she said squeezing her eyes shut.  The footsteps stopped and a squeak. "So I've been a little on edge around you. But I was forgetting it then you and that damn underwear made me think of it again" she went on. "You had a wet dream about me?" His voice was right next to her ear. "What was I doing?" He asked. Her mind played to his body pressed against her back, his hands running up and down her arms and pressure against her bottom.  A shiver went through her body. "That good of one" he chuckled. "Well I guess you like Me more then I thought" he said. Eliza stayed silent. "Well that's a good sign for me" he said letting go of her. "I think I'll hold onto one of these pairs. Just for you" he said walking away from her. Eliza spun on her heels. "Like hell I would wear underwear someone else gave you" she exclaimed as Jin opened the door. 2 people were standing right there wide eyed looking at them.
lol Omo story time for a sec! Victoria secret displayed those panties in a display at the mall and as me and my mom passed she stopped and questioned what kind of underwear they were, I had to explain, then she went one further and said well instead of throwing stuffed animals at the concert throw underwear at them XD omg my mother lol I laughed so hard about it. Kay thus how awkward situation came to be!!
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Oh my god hahah like hell I'd wear underwear someone else gave you....yup yup that is true I'll buy my own and wear it for you...is what she shoulda said as well lol
lol that's a good line! wish I thought of that before 😂
I have the opposite story.....I was about 9 or 10 when I found a pair and my mother had to explain it to me. Scarred for life.....
I have a question.....who would be more likely to do dance practice for a 2 person dance. I know Jimin did one before with Belle but now i wondering who to use next. Jimin , Kookie, Tae, or jhope
JHOPE would and wouldn't think anything of it
OMG! Love how Jin found out!!