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{MCM} Suwa Hiroto! πŸ˜™
Anime: Orange Welcome back to Man Crush Mondays, a day dedicated to our favorite anime boys! Since this week we are introducing our new and renewed daily themes, this MCM is anything goes! I've been meaning to express my crush on this guy for weeks since I finished Orange, but it just got away from me! Suwa is just the sweetest, on top of being super handsome! He's kinda the leader of the crew, but what makes me love him so much is just how much he cares, going so far as to sacrifice his future happiness with the love of his life to save his friend! He's so perfect in every way, I can't stand it! β™‘
Okay, Hagita's pretty awesome, too! X'D
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SAME!!!! Suwa is my crush from Orange too πŸ’•, never watched the anime but I read the manga, he is so nice that it makes me cry 😒😭
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Suwa deserves his own happiness too! Suwa is the man!!
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Can I be added? I would like to do this
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Sure thing!
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