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note: I changed my mind and I'm just going to use member because I cringe when I use the other word and I like to thank @twistedPuppy Omg she is so nice and if you guys never read her fanfic you are not alive on the first story I made lots of error but let's just look past that and I also haven't been on vingle in like a year so yeah part 2
while v was shaking my hand I notice that I didn't wash my hands and i know that he heard me jerking off moaning from the top of my lungs just thinking about the stuff I would want him to do to me fuck I'm getting hard again wtf is wrong with me I dated men in the past but they always hit on me first he's the first guy to have never find me atracive well at least I think he doesn't he makes eye contact with me and smiles with all his teeth he looks so adorable I looked at the floor because I was turning red "are you ok your turning red all over jimin" v said looking worried I was getting to hot and I am bearly stand up straight my knee wobbling I couldn't stand up anymore and fall right on top of him I look up he put his hand on my head "YOUR BURNING UP" feeling his cool hand on my head made me blush more v picks me up holding me as if I were a baby he runs to the nurses office holding me tight he yells for somebody to come no one came he gently sets me on the bed he grabs flu medicine and antibiotics runs to the vinding machine and gets a water and bag of chips he must be hungry he comes running back into the room and sit next to me and feed me chips "but I'm not hungry" I say with a mouth full of chips "when was the last time you ate you can't take medicine on empty stomach" we hear foot steps coming he stands up and greets the nurse "what seems to be the problem sir" she says with a smile "my friend collapsed and he's burning up I got some flu medicine and antibiotics for him to take" he said while shaking his leg she takes my temperature 110.9 she shows me "his high temperature is due to not enough sleep and stress keep an eye on him for 1 month" she says while washing her hands v carries me to my dorm junkook was sitting on the bed watching porn he jump up "hey jimin....and you are" he says while pointing at v "his name is v he helped me and now he's staying at our dorm" I said to assure him v sits me down and starts making a big pot of cold noodles with 2 boil eggs and chopped pork junkook stared at at me as if I was insane and I knew from there this is not going to be easy
sweety I think your story was cut short
@twistedPuppy Ik I was in a rush idk why