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Hello everyone, I'm Harley or as you guys have been introduced as Orangeninja818, but I would rather be called by my birthname if it's all the same.
Anyways as I am sure you guys know by now, I am the Mod for B-Bomb, whom is my ultimate bias.
Little bit about me, I'm Block B trash, seeing as how they are the group that got me into kpop. I'm the same age Pyo, just a few months younger is all, though I will call them all my babies.
I live in the middle of a cornfield so finding kpop friends in my area is a little bit difficult, so it's really cool that places like this exist and make it easy to make friends.
And you would think because my name is Harley and I've recently gotten into DC comics and have a love for the Joker I would be Yukwon bias, but nope.
Other groups that I like are, B.A.P (Even have a B.A.P tattoo), Topp Dogg, BTS, Got7, SF9, Monsta X, NCT, EVOL (Crying because they aren't a thing anymore), EXID, Ukiss, Nevermind, AOA, EXO, and so many more that I can't even think of
Besides kpop I like cosplaying, anime, video games. I hate being active, because I don't like sweat. It's the grosses thing ever.
Ummm I am really bad at talking about myself.
Also this is my favorite photo of B-Bomb even if he is white washed as fuck, so it might be posted every few weeks just because why the fuck not?
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Harley, I call them my children and they are all at least 3 years older than me 😂
You're gonna make me feel so old FML