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Hey all!! Elicia here and I have recently revisited the HS genre of KDramas. While Boys Over Flowers will always be first in my heart, "Heirs" was a slept on (internationally) Drama that won me over in a big way. And introduced me to this 6'3" Adonis, Kim Woo Bin!!
Fun to be around in between takes of being the lead Ass!!
And what a marvelous ass it is. Do you need help with that sir? I'm not asking for me; I'm asking for a friend. But that strut tho?!?! JINKIES!!
An active participant, he and Lee Min Ho did their own stunts all smexy and delish!!
Le sigh. How I wished he invaded my personal space like this.... Needless to say, I've been recently binge watching this one again. And it still feels like then first time!
Let me just say that the glow-up is REAL STRONG with this one. YOWSA!!
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OMG that betrayal gif from Running Man. The Betrayal Walk! πŸ˜‚
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@FromBlue2U It's so good! πŸ˜‚