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Hi guys!

This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to stay in a traditional Korean house (hanok) at the Dalzip Guesthouse.

You can check out the video, where I take you on a mini tour of the area which is filled with traditional experiences like a tea house, sujebi, and of course a little shopping :)

Plus the guesthouse has a dog!

And free, delicious breakfast!

Plus I got to see Seoul from a quiet old neighborhood late at night, a totally new experience for me.

Thanks Dalzip!

I'm going to Seoul I may, and I'm definitely staying there once I arrive. Thanks for the post!
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Awesome, and thank you! Mind if I message you? I'd love to know more heehee 😁
I miss this😞I want to go back. Thank you for the tour.
It's so pretty there I would love to visit or just live in Seoul. How did you get to live there? Was it just because of your job or did you just want to live there?
I was invited because of my blog! They asked me to review it and i really liked it :)
Lucky! I would love to stay there.
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