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Hi guys!

This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to stay in a traditional Korean house (hanok) at the Dalzip Guesthouse.

You can check out the video, where I take you on a mini tour of the area which is filled with traditional experiences like a tea house, sujebi, and of course a little shopping :)

Plus the guesthouse has a dog!

And free, delicious breakfast!

Plus I got to see Seoul from a quiet old neighborhood late at night, a totally new experience for me.

Thanks Dalzip!

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I miss this😞I want to go back. Thank you for the tour.
I'm going to Seoul I may, and I'm definitely staying there once I arrive. Thanks for the post!
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Awesome, and thank you! Mind if I message you? I'd love to know more heehee 😁
She is just so cute! I'm glad you had a wonderful experience. I wonder if I should make a video of my trip to Japan and Korea
You definitely should!!
It's so pretty 😊