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So I'm officially starting my Kpop and Anime YouTube channels to be up and running around January 16th with my first upload. I'm really been looking forward to get this chanel up and running and now that I have time and a clear schedule I'm sure it'll be fun.
So a little snippet of chanel and its focus with be Korean pop news, drama, and a group of the week. The anime side will have a video once a week on an Anime. Here's what my schedule will kinda look like Monday - weekly news / MV mashup Wednesday -  group introduction Friday - group music review Saturday -  anime thoughts Sunday -  Weekly chart/ drama review


In the morning I will upload in the morning and the afternoon. In the morning I will upload news that happened over the past week for the Tuesday to the Sunday prior. In the afternoon I will upload a dance/music mashup. Similar to the ones that I've made before. If you want to check out some of my already upload mashups check here


I will introduce the group of the week and have either 1 or 2 videos on the groups history, their members, and why I like them.


I will upload 1 or 2 video on the groups mvs and title music. Not really a reaction but I'm still working on how I'll do this. Maybe like a break down of the songs and what I like about it.


I will upload a reaction to an Anime this could be 1 or 2 videos depending on if I have a reaction video and a brief description of the anime.


In the morning I will show the week's chart for music and drama ratings In the afternoon I will show a reaction video and my opinion of the first two or three episodes of a drama. Like my favorite and least favorite parts and if I will continue watching it.
So how does that sound. Comment if you'll check in to my channel and follow my progress with me. Also comment below some groups, dramas, and animes you would like me to feature on my channel. Also every Monday I will make a card on the group, anime, or drama of the week. And on my Tumblr I will have the weekly group information up. I'm also trying to see how often I will have giveaways and what I should give away. I was think about having a giveaway every first week on the month on the first Monday of the month.
So if you have an ideas please comment below so I could get some ideas. Thanks

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