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Que tal peeps!

Before I get into this imma give yall an update. I will only update these fanfiction game cards once a week. This card will be updated at least every Monday. This will allow me to stay organized and not forget to update it. Plus this will give you all time to vote. Anyhow....really #1 won but imma be nice and use both since I low key wanted #2 to the more the better right. Enough chatter let's get into dis!


You gasp as you felt his warm wet memeber rubbing and sucking on you. "Make more noise..." You moaned. Suddenly Yoongi shifted his position since his memeber was getting rock hard. You looked up at him while Jungkook had his way with you with his mouth. Jungkook was so hard from tasting you. He slapped your sensitive numb with his hard memeber causing you to moan. He grinned and slipped inside you. You cooed like a baby as he took it slow but deep. You could feel Yoongi dark eyes glaring and it made you feel like a swamp princess. You moved your hips as your moans got louder and Jungkook began to breath heavy. He placed you on all fours as you faced Yoongi. You could tell he was really hard. Suddenly you crawled to him with Jungkook attached to you. "I can't let my oppa suffer. Do you want your hyung to suffer Kookie?" You moan in a husky voice. "No Noona I wouldn't want him to be in pain as we are in pleasure." Jungkook moaned. Y/N POV I can't believe what I'm doing! Who is this girl? I unzip Yoongi's pants and his hard memeber come jetting out his pants. I waste no time sucking the tip of his memeber. Yoongi let's out a loud moan as if he was holding on to it forever. I feel his hand softly pushing my head down to take him all in my mouth. I bob my head up and down making sure to make noises like he likes it. He cries out in pleasure. I pause to gasp out a moan. Jungkook was htting all my spots. Yoongi bites his lips as he looks down on Jungkook and I as one. "Nonna you feel so good. You are so freakin' tight." Jungkook moaned. "Enough! Switch me places Jungkook." Yoongi growled. "What about the bet?" Jungkook said. "It's off...consider this a gift." Yoongi said while switching positions with Jungkook. Yoongi was rough compared to Jungkook. Yoongi grabbed my hips and began pounding me hard, fast, and deep. He was slapping my ass working his hands on my nub. I screamed so loud. "Daddy yess....oh shit!" I chanted. "Oh such a good girl...finish little Kookie off baby." Yoongi gasped. I quickly pulled Jungkook into my mouth. He tasted so salty and sweet with both our flavors covering him. I looked up at him to see the smexy look on his face. He moaned loudly as pulled him in and out my mouth to the same rhythm Yoongi and I was going. I could feel him expand in size as his eyes rolled back in his head. He grabbed my hard and began screwing my throat. I thought I was going to throw up. "Noona I'm about to....." Suddenly Jungkook exploded in my mouth covering the back of my throat. He tastes sweet. Suddenly, I felt myself climax as Yoongi was drilling me touch. He pulled me up by my breasts as we both rode out our orgasm. All I could see were stars. I looked up into Jungkook's smoked topaz eyes and I didn't see a little boy anymore. He grinned as he knelt down. "Noona, you saving some for later?" He said in a sultry tone as he wiped away some of his let over man milk. "Now you can say you love sugar cookies." Jungkook laughed. I punched him in the arm. "This won't happen again Jungkook." "Yeah she don't lobe sugar cookies bro...she lobe just Suga and don't you forget that or I will fuck you up."



Omg I swear you and my inner kinky are conspiring against me!!! Who doesn't love sugar Kookies?!?! Well I need to stick my head in my freezer!!! Please keep it coming and tag me in it all!!!
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I had to on that one! lol
I know it's a new year but chica I thought I was still in the squad lol tag plz
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Hehehe thank you 😊😊 can't wait to see all your cards and your fanfics are awesome ✌️
tag me
omg so excited for Namjoon!
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