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My Favorite Co-Ed Kpop Songs

I still haven't stopped listening to KARD and now I'm starting to revisit all my favorite songs with a female and male voice.

Obviously there is COED, but here are a few other favorite collabs^^

Going Crazy - Song Jieun & Bang Yongguk

The Leaders - GD, CL, & Teddy

Do Better - Monsta X & Cosmic Girls

Technically this is a commercial but ayyyy I like it hahah

I - Taeyeon & Verbal Jint

Cold - Epik High & Lee Hi

Trouble Maker - Hyunseung & Hyuna

What are your favorite co-ed tracks?!

There are lots that didn't make the list, so please give me more to listen to!
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I like Jimin and Xiumin's song
10 months agoReply
Troublemaker all the way
10 months agoReply
I usually Stan trouble maker but since Tiffany and Simon D have us heartbreak hotel last year, I've been feeling that馃槉馃槉
10 months agoReply
trouble maker and taeyeon and dean starlight
10 months agoReply
AKMU! Taeyeon and Dean. Hi Suhyun and Bobby. And Troublemaker. I also like Dean and Heize.
10 months agoReply