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I still haven't stopped listening to KARD and now I'm starting to revisit all my favorite songs with a female and male voice.

Obviously there is COED, but here are a few other favorite collabs^^

Going Crazy - Song Jieun & Bang Yongguk

The Leaders - GD, CL, & Teddy

Do Better - Monsta X & Cosmic Girls

Technically this is a commercial but ayyyy I like it hahah

I - Taeyeon & Verbal Jint

Cold - Epik High & Lee Hi

Trouble Maker - Hyunseung & Hyuna

What are your favorite co-ed tracks?!

There are lots that didn't make the list, so please give me more to listen to!
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I like Jimin and Xiumin's song
a year ago·Reply
Troublemaker all the way
a year ago·Reply
I usually Stan trouble maker but since Tiffany and Simon D have us heartbreak hotel last year, I've been feeling that😊😊
a year ago·Reply
trouble maker and taeyeon and dean starlight
a year ago·Reply
AKMU! Taeyeon and Dean. Hi Suhyun and Bobby. And Troublemaker. I also like Dean and Heize.
a year ago·Reply