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How You Know This Video Came Out in 2011

Ahhhh the good old days when Kpop bands wore clothes that belong in Zenon Girl of the 21st Century and too much bronzer.

Here is a classic example of all the trends in the early 2000s combined in one video.

What to look out for:

1. Pleather
2. Lots of random lights
3. Sunglasses inside
4. All-white plastic outfits
5. Random words in Spanish, Chinese, English, and French
6. Too much eyeliner
7. Minimal dancing, just sort of posing a lot to the music
8. Vests
9. Weirdly shaped chairs
10. Tiny gloves

But seriously, I loved this song back in the day!

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I just like Taec.
10 months agoReply
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same, thats the only reason i watched this vid back in the day!
10 months ago
wow why so orange
10 months agoReply
to this day this song never fails to pump me up
10 months agoReply
maybe @MattK95 should do an oldies but goodies Playlist challenge lol
10 months agoReply
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@MattK95 lol I haven't done a challenge in forever. it would be nice to see what people come up with lol
10 months ago
I still jam to a lot of old Kpop, I mean how could you not love this song, It still stands up to today's kpop , at least it does in my opinion :)
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