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Ahhhh the good old days when Kpop bands wore clothes that belong in Zenon Girl of the 21st Century and too much bronzer.

Here is a classic example of all the trends in the early 2000s combined in one video.

What to look out for:

1. Pleather
2. Lots of random lights
3. Sunglasses inside
4. All-white plastic outfits
5. Random words in Spanish, Chinese, English, and French
6. Too much eyeliner
7. Minimal dancing, just sort of posing a lot to the music
8. Vests
9. Weirdly shaped chairs
10. Tiny gloves

But seriously, I loved this song back in the day!

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I just like Taec.
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same, thats the only reason i watched this vid back in the day!
wow why so orange
to this day this song never fails to pump me up
maybe @MattK95 should do an oldies but goodies Playlist challenge lol
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@MattK95 lol I haven't done a challenge in forever. it would be nice to see what people come up with lol
I still jam to a lot of old Kpop, I mean how could you not love this song, It still stands up to today's kpop , at least it does in my opinion :)