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It's Monday and you know what that means here in the Kdrama Community....

Man Crush Monday....

and for my 2nd monday I've picked none other than.....

Lee Don Wook

Native name: 이동욱 Born: Lee Dong Wook Born on: November 6, 1981 (age 35) Born in: Seoul, South Korea Occupation: Actor Years active: 1999–present Agent: King Kong Entertainment Notable work The Beauty Inside The Recipe Heartbreak Library The Perfect Couple Arang Bubblegum Blade Man Hotel King The Fugitive of Joseon Wild Romance Scent of a Woman The Partner Bittersweet Life My Girl Bride from Hanoi Precious Family What Happened on Island? Land of Wine Do the Right Thing Loving You Pure Heart School 3 School 2 Kang-Koo's Story | Kangkoo Yiyagi Goblin
He seriously is so talented and I'm obsessed with him playing the grim reaper on goblin. His facial expressions and body language our priceless and meme worthy..
anyways I fell in love with him in the drama Scent of A Woman, I highly recommend this drama. I actually watch it at least once a year. Blade Man, I know many people did not like it but man his character in this drama pulled at my heart strings. I really love how his character grew through the plot and how he was able to mend his relationships especially the one with his son....please give it a chance... Wild Romance, if you want a laugh and see his comedic timing and see him with facial hair check this drama out. I always love a good gender bender miscommunication lol but the miscommunication gets cleared up in the beginning and his arrogant character becomes endearing..
he has already done hs mandatory military service... He is single like a pringle. I did want to mention he has a bromance with comedian Jo Se-ho. The two met while filming Room Mate and have been great friends since. It is definitely a friendship I loved watching on Room Mate

Has He become your Man Crush yet?

'come do a card with us every monday with us if your Kdrama Man Crush
more info about this man can be found-----------> here
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holy crud that guy has kissable lips
*internal squealing* at Lee Dong Wook face then notices the one picture of him with facial hair and dies I just adore this man's charms though and I agree scent of a woman is like a mandatory rewatching for me too 😳😳😚😍😍😘
I'm scared to watch Scent of a Woman because it's a tragedy and I HATE tragedies. Which is why I wasn't a huge fan of Uncontrollably Fond. It was good but not the best. It felt dragged out and to be honest not memorable.
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@VeronicaArtino I'll try watching it eventually
I'm a fan of Lee Dong-wook! He can be such a cutie yet so sexy. I love a man that can do both. The first drama I believe I saw him in was Wild Romance which I loved, then I saw him in My Girl. I saw that he was young and baby faced in My Girl and had to watch it. Now I'm watching him in Goblin and it's definitely my favorite role of his, I love the adorable side of Dong Wook. He's so cute! I'm also currently watching him in Bubblegum, it's an alright drama. Nothing special. He's of course a cutie in it though. and I only have 4 more episodes of that. But yes I do Love Lee Dong Wook 💖
ne too
@sukkyongwanser they are good dramas...especially scent of a woman
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