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Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok What: Smut & Angst Readers 18+ only Story: He liked to party and you were okay with that until you started to feel like his burden rather than his prize. (Inspired by Dean's song I'm not sorry)
Kiseok's POV Kiseok found her too cute to resist. Though his friends were right, she wasn't the type he normally went for. Gray mentioned he chose her simply because she was innocent looking, he didn't really think she'd sleep with him; he just thought she'd show him a good time. It seemed to surprise her friend too. She had been worried about Y/n that whole night. He didn't call her during the past two weeks but it had nothing to do with what the guys said. He only put his phone away because he didn't have an argument against them that didn't mean he wasn't going to do whatever he wanted. He just got busy during the last two weeks he didn't have time for her really. He had another date lined up for the party tonight but it fell through, not that he cared. He didn't really want to take her in the first place. So when he called up Y/n he was amused that she was free that night. He did say one more time, her taste hadn't left him. She was different. He sent someone out to buy the dresses for her which is what he had been waiting for. When he got to her, he wasn't trying to hide he wanted her but she was different this time around. She was sober. He got to kiss her a little more, he found the places that turned her on, even the way he played with her breast. She was embarrassed to be hot and bothered and that was cuter than when she was ready and willing because she was drunk. She really didn't want him touching her. No it wasn't that, it was his driver. She was too aware of another person being there that she was holding back. When she rode his fingers, she didn't care but she'd had a number of drinks in her. She let him hold her hand and that seemed to be the safety zone for the time being. The more drinks he got into her the more he could touch but he honestly wanted to play with her tonight. He wanted to take his time and he wanted to see her be shy. He was just ready to test the waters. They got to the party and he had one hand in his pocket while he held her hand in his. She followed behind him slowly and seemed to be hiding herself. Kiseok chuckled to himself. He stopped and turned to her which made her turn her head to look up at him. He pulled her close to his body and he came close to her face. Her eyes got wide and her cheeks turned pink. He came closer to her lips, "Kiseok." She said worried. "You need to keep up with me baby Y/n or someone else might snatch you up." He said. She swallowed and he smiled, "Do you understand Y/n?" "Yes." She said small. It seemed like she was losing her breath. With him that close to her, she was too nervous. He let her go, allowing her some freedom but he took her hand again and returned his other hand to his pocket. He walked her past the crowd of AOMG crew members, producers and directors. He passed her through the crowd of Co-workers and other label owners and friends of workers or family members. The place was packed and it was something he was used to. Even a few photographers were there, he looked to his side seeing her look down to use her hair as a shield. He laughed to himself; he thought it was cute how she didn't want to be seen with him, where as other girls didn't mind it. He finally made it to the AOMG members he wanted to be around. They all greeted him the same as always and Cha Cha looked down at her and sort of pointed, "Who's the cutie?" He said almost as if she were an adorable child. "You remember Y/n." Kiseok said. "Wait that's the same Y/n? She looks so different, maybe it's the dress and hair." Chase said. Kiseok nodded with a laugh and she waved at Chase. Seonghwa came over to him and said, "What happened to Areum?" Kiseok shrugged, "Some work thing she had, canceled last minute." He noticed she looked at him. She probably heard what he said. It wasn't a big deal. "Y/n do you want something to drink?" Seonghwa said. She shook her head, "No thank you I'm fine." She said. He nodded and walked off after giving Kiseok a dirty look. He probably figured he was taking advantage of her. He didn't care what he thought, she was his tonight. She happened to let his hand go and walk away. He watched her move through the crowd and some people came up to her and she waved them off politely. She made it to the bar area and she seemed to ask for something. He gave her a glass full of ice. What was she up to? She popped one cube into her mouth and started to suck on it. She looked around the room for a second then down at her cup. He started to move for her until Jay stopped him to introduce him to someone... Y/n's POV You needed the ice to get yourself to calm down. Hakyeon told you not to get drunk around him so you weren't but you wanted to. It would be easier to handle all of this. You went through your phone thinking to call one of them but they were both probably still in the middle of the date. Knowing Ae-cha, she probably got to the good part already. She was right, you weren't a one night only kind of girl and the more he held your hand the more you had this urge to be a couple. Kiseok was just supposed to be a one night only though. You started looking at pictures of you and Jihoon you hadn't deleted yet from your phone and you decided it was about time to get rid of them. You started deleting them one by one. The ice had completely melted in your mouth and had now turned to water. Seonghwa made his way over to you, "I can't believe you came here with him." he said. "Honestly I can't believe it myself. He doesn't seem to be the type to say no to easily though." you said. He nodded, "Yeah, well I think it's just the business side of him, he doesn't really know how to turn it off. Just becareful around him Y/n, he is my friend and all but he's not without his faults. I don't want him to hurt you." "You think he would?" "Not on purpose but let's just say it's a recurring theme with him." he said. Seonghwa looked back and patted your arm and told you he'd see you around then walked away. Kiseok had joined your side and he had a small plate with little snacks on it. He brought a little cheesecake square up to your lips and you looked at him. You started to smile, he'd done this before with the lollipop. "Open up." He said You parted your lips to eat and he let you take a bite. He bit off the same side while keeping eye contact with you, making you smile even bigger. Your smile made him smile. He grabbed your hand and said, "Come on." He led you around and had you meeting a few people. He'd talk to them and you'd just stand there looking pretty. His hand slipped to your waist when one of the men he introduced to you took your hand to kiss. He didn't seem to like it but you thought it was charming. You didn't dare tell him that. He went back to feeding you those little snacks until you both emptied the plate. You two couldn't have been there for more than two hours and he'd already shown up late but he decided it was time to leave. Perhaps what had made it time to go was when another man came up to you and asked to dance with you. Kiseok wasn't by your side at the time but he quickly made it to you and pulled you closer to him to show you were definitely with him. "We're actually going home." He said. The guy nodded and walked off. Kiseok kissed the side of your neck softly. His lips came up to your ear and he said in a low dark voice, "I want my baby Y/n." His hands snaked themselves around your waist and he pulled you against his body. Your back was to his chest but you could feel him against your butt. "I've been waiting for you all night." He said. He kissed you to show you how much he wanted you. You wanted him too but you had to make this the last night because what came naturally to you was starting to show up again. You were a little jealous and disappointed that he had another date and the only reason he called you up was because it fell through. You wanted him to either be yours or not at all but the whole idea was for it to be a one time thing. One last time, he'd be in and out of your system. He got you back to the car once his driver pulled up and you two headed back to his penthouse. You were quiet the whole ride there. He was watching you the entire time. His hand came up to your hair and he brushed it behind your ear. When you didn't look at him, he leaned over to you and he kissed your cheek. He peppered kisses down to your neck where his lips moved dangerously slow on your neck. His tongue was warm but soft along your skin. "Your like a timid little kitten." He whispered. You finally looked at him with raised eyebrows. "If I play with you more you'll like me won't you?" You have no idea. The car stopped and his driver announced you were at the penthouse. He opened the door and then helped you out from his side. He held your hand walking you into the penthouse again and you were telling yourself not to get used to this. This was the last night. He got you to his place and locked the door behind him. "That dress got you a lot of attention tonight." He said. "Thank you for getting it." You said lowly. He sighed, "Y/n I probably should've told you before we left but I like having my girls close to me. I like it when their attention is on me. Will you look at me?" He said coming over and lifting your chin so you'd look at him. "I get possessive when it's something I want. So pay attention to only me, okay?" "Something?" you questioned as if you were an object he was referring to. He smiled and leaned down to your lips, "Someone I want should only see me kitten." He kissed you softly and he walked you back towards the bedroom. You backed up for a breath and he pressed you up against the wall. He looked at you hard for a second. His arm was above your head so he could lean against the wall. "Are you afraid of me?" He asked. He must've asked because you kept fleeing the kiss. You were too conscious of what you were doing. It was harder to let go this way, you should've had a drink or two before this. If you were dating it would've been different because he would've already been yours but this was one night and the pressure was on. You weren't drunk and you were to way too in your head. "Baby Y/n." He cooed. You looked up at him. His eyes were intense. "Are you afraid of me?" he said emphasizing every word. "You...You make me cautious." You answered. He smirked at that answer, "Why is that?" He asked. You looked away from him, "I really should've drank while I was there." You mumbled to yourself. "No I wanted you like this. I wanted you sober, this cute and nervous. I wanted to play with my kitten today. I'll take my time with you." He said. His hand came to your side and he moved you into the room. He kicked the door close behind him and he sat you on the bed. He removed his tie and tossed it on the bed. He started to unbutton his shirt then he stopped and bent down to kiss you. He brought your hands to his shirt and he had you unbutton it for him. His hand came up to your cheek while you continued down his shirt releasing buttons. He let you pull the shirt off his shoulders and then he brought his weight forward to lay you back against the bed. "I want to make sure you're okay with this, anything you don't want just let me know, okay Y/n?" He told you. You nodded and he said, "You'd be adorable with a bell around your neck, just like a little kitten." You felt something slip around your wrists and he tied it tight. You looked up to see his tie around your wrists. "Are you okay?" He asked. "Yes, I've done this before." You nodded. You had with Jihoon and some other things too. Kiseok lit up knowing you'd been tied up before, this was nothing compared to Jihoon; he went all out. He untied the knot behind your neck and you arched your back off the bed so he could pull down your dress. Your bare breast were revealed to him. You'd taken off your bra when he gave you the dress since there was no back to it. He kissed the valley between your breast while his hands cupped your full mounds. He teased your breast and his tongue licked up to one nipple where his lips clasped around the small nub. His tongue circled around it before he bit down softly. He lifted his head with your nipple between his teeth pulling it lightly. You let out a long moan as your back arched. He released you and licked a line from your abs to your neck. He kissed your neck and you lowered your tied hands down behind his head to pull him into you. You could feel him shift as he undid his pants and continued his assault on your neck. He moved your hands from around his neck and he sat up to pull off his pants. He yanked off your panties as well, making you gasp excitedly. He walked around the bed and grabbed you and pulled you to end of it. His erection was standing hard in your face and your face flushed red knowing what he wanted you to do. He leaned over parting your legs and raising them up on the bed. "Open your mouth kitten." He said. You parted your lips and he slid inside your mouth and leaned down to lick you as you sucked on him. You didn't do this often with any of your past boyfriends so you had to constantly remind yourself to breathe through your nose. He moved his hips slowly, his thrusting into your mouth was even and controlled. His tongue moved on your clit and down your slit in a slightly faster pace. You moaned on him while he lapped up your juices. You pushed on his leg lightly to tell him to back off. He straightened up and looked down at you taking himself from your mouth. You took in air quick and then coughed slightly. You opened your mouth and stuck out your tongue this time for him to come in. He smiled at you and moved back into your mouth. Instead of his mouth returning to your heat, he pushed two fingers inside of you making your back arch. He got a deeper angle into your mouth and pushed further inside making you choke. He pulled out and let you come up for air again. He bent over and lifted your head with his other hand and kissed you hard. His tongue dominated yours while his fingers still pumped into your womanhood. You moaned into his mouth softly. He broke the kiss to look at your face, you were probably still red and you were panting hard, your eyes were half closed from pleasure rushing through you. "Just your tongue kitten." He said. He held his heat by your lips and you stuck out your tongue to lick his tip. Your tongue circled around it, your lips closed around to suck just the tip. He groaned, "That's it kitten." He encouraged. Your tied hands came up to hold onto him and he hovered back over your body to push his tongue in you. The angle only allowed a tease but it had you moaning. He went back to kissing your clit and you moaned desperate to come. "Kiseok." You whined. "Don't come yet." "Ahhhh. S-stop. I-I can't." You moaned the more he kissed you. You started to run your hands up and down his rod trying not to focus on your on coming orgasm. "Ki-kiseok." You moaned louder. He sat up and turned you on the bed so your head was laying on the pillows. He brought your legs up higher and kissed your clit slower. He let his tongue circle around it then he came down and pushed inside you. He moved slow but your body already started shaking. He sat up straight and came to your entrance. He let you put your hands around his neck again and he slowly began to move in you. His movements were slow and long. His pace was even and the way his body connected to yours had you feeling so much, not just physically but emotionally. He placed his lips over yours and you could taste yourself on his tongue. He gripped onto your thighs tighter lifting your butt slightly to get a deeper angle. You shivered against him. He grabbed the pillow beside you and placed it under you to keep you set like that. His lips came down to your neck and he licked and kissed you there. He sucked a mark on your skin which made you mewl. His hands roamed your skin again, finding the places he touched last time that he knew got you hot. The more he touched you the less you were in your head and this time he was inside you. "Kiseok." You moaned. "Yes kitten." "You need a condom." You whined. His pace had already sped up a bit and he groaned, "I can't stop now, your so warm inside baby. Your so tight around me, you're letting me go so deep." He kissed your neck and your eyes seemed to roll in the back of your head. You brought your hands to your face to cover yourself and Kiseok pulled his tie loose from your wrists. In a swift movement, he leaned over your body and wrapped his arms around you and flipped over on the bed. He looked up at you and you looked down at him moving up and down slowly. His hands came to your butt and he moved you up and down. You moaned louder the deeper he got inside of you. You moved faster, rolling your hips as you moved up and down on his body. It was amazing the way he felt. He sat up some so he could kiss you. Your eyes were shut and you moved faster and you called his name over and over again like a spell. "Oh, fuck baby. You're doing so good." He praised you. He slapped your ass making you bend down more to him. He took your lips and devoured them as his hand slapped your ass again on the opposite cheek. You came up for breath but your face was so close to his, when you opened your eyes to meet his you almost reached your climax right there. He brought his hand around to pinch your clit, making you come down on him with a loud scream. "Kiseok!" Your body tensed trying to control itself from releasing just yet. "Don't move just squeeze me tighter." he said. Your body listened to him without your control. You squeezed your eyes shut and trembled on him. "Ki-Kiseok let me cum." You begged. He grabbed your arms and pushed you back on the bed. When he left you to turn you around, you moaned missing him inside of you. He pushed your head down and brought your hands behind you and had you grab onto your butt. He pushed inside your core again, moving faster and harder this time. You screamed against the bed sheets. He pushed harder into you and leaned over your body to get to your ear, "Don't cum yet kitten." He said You cried still on the edge you were trying to hold out, it was hard to breathe but you were going to come. You were going to explode. The way he rode into you from behind had you rocking into the bed. He felt great, he was reaching so deep into you, he knew just what to hit. "Kiseok-ah." You cried into the bed. You actually started to cry because you were going crazy. Your body was so close, so ready to come, you were ready to scream his name. He pulled out of you again making you whine in frustration. He flipped you over and kissed you hard, finding you again and pushing into you. His hand found yours and locked fingers with you. He pulled up from the kiss to meet your eyes. "You're amazing kitten." Your arm wrapped around his neck and your legs wrapped around his waist. "Please." You whined. He nodded, "Don't cry Y/n, go ahead and come for me." He said. His hand stayed on yours and he moved faster in you. His forehead was pressed against yours and his lips hovered over yours having a kiss hang in limbo. You moaned into his mouth and your back came off the bed as you screamed his name. Your body squeezed him tight and he rammed into you harder chasing his own release. He kissed you while your body jerked and shook violently. You came so hard and you could practically hear your heartbeat in your ears. He pulled out of you moaning deeply and finding his release allowing his ribbons to paint your stomach. He came down to your lips, "Fuck baby Y/n you're so good. I like you." He chuckled. You were trying to respond but your words came out as incoherent mumbles as you fell asleep. Kiseok could take everything out of you drunk or sober.... The week that passed by followed with Kiseok texting you and calling you repeatedly. You left that morning, this time with no note and you hadn't contacted him since. Ae-cha was surprised that he kept up with calling you. She suggested you tell him nothing else could happen between you two but you weren't entirely sure that was true. Nothing else should happen between you two but you liked what he did to you and you wanted more. Still your version of more was dating and being in a relationship, he had to want those things too. Today you'd been walking down the street with Hakyeon. You taught elementary school and today you guys got a half day. You were meeting Hakyeon for lunch because apparently Ae-cha set you up on a blind date. You were talking to Hakyeon and about half way there your phone began to ring. Hakyeon looked at you with a smirk, "Just answer it, he's clearly not going to stop calling." He said. You sighed. You picked up the phone and you heard him coo, "Baby Y/n." "Kiseok." "So is the redhead your boyfriend?" He asked. You started to look around, "Wait are you around here?" "Behind you." He said. You turned and he got out of his car and walked over to you. He had a lollipop in his mouth and he smiled when you saw him. You pocketed your phone and you saw Hakyeon made it to your side. "What are you doing here?" You asked. "I came to get some candy for the guys when I saw you two pass by." Kiseok said noting Hakyeon's presence. "Right, Um Hakyeon this is Simon Dominic that rapper I told you about and Simon this is my best friend and one of my roommates, Hakyeon." You introduced them. Kiseok held out his hand politely with a smile and said, "Nice to meet you." "You too." Hakyeon smiled back politely. Kiseok pulled out another lollipop and gave it to you. "Thanks." You laughed. "Why do you keep running away from me Y/n? You're making me feel like I've done something wrong." He said. "I'm not running away from you, not exactly." You said. "Do you know why she leaves without a word?" He asked Hakyeon. You looked back at Hakyeon who had a smile on his face and he was about to answer. "Can you give us a second, I swear I'll only be a few minutes." You said. "Sure but Ae-cha is going to be so pissed at you." He laughed. Well it wasn't like you asked her to set you up in the first place. "I'll be in the coffee shop do you want anything?" He said. "Yes, coffee." "Americano?" He called back. "Yes please." You answered as he walked away. You turned back to Kiseok who was looking a bit serious now. He stepped up closer to you and said, "You told me you weren't afraid of me but that I made you cautious. Is that why you leave without a word? I don't understand you." "Well Kiseok, wasn't that supposed to be just a one night thing?" You said. "But it wasn't one night." He said. "Well yes I know that b-" "Do you not like me? I like you. I've been trying to talk to you all week and you've given me the cold shoulder. Come back with me." He said. "I can't I have this- thing with Hakyeon." "Then I'll take you to dinner tonight." "Kiseok." you said desperate. "Are you telling me you don't like me? Subtle things make you blush and turn you on and I can do those things are you really going to tell me you feel nothing?" He said. "That's not it. Kiseok I do like you but that's the problem. I like being in relationships and you're an idol I'm an elementary school teacher clearly those two things don't put us at the same status. Look those two nights were fun and great; you're amazing in bed but I don't do hit it and quit it. Your life is this big party and I'm the type to settle down." "Seonghwa said the same thing." "Yeah well, Seonghwa was right. I'm just not good at flings or one night stands. I get attached too easily and when you took me out last week I felt it. I wanted- I wanted you but there's no way I could have you." You said. He looked at you for a second and he pressed his lollipop up to your lips. You smiled but you didn't open your mouth. He pressed it up against you a bit more but you didn't budge. So he came close and dipped down to get to you, the movement was so sudden and quick you took in a breath and he pushed the lollipop in your mouth. He stepped back and smiled triumphantly. He went into his pocket and pulled out a long black ribbon with a bell attached to it. He tied it around your neck and then took back his lollipop from you. He flicked the bell so you could hear it ring. "A kitten needs a bell." He said. "Kiseok." "You should be mine, I want you to be mine. I'd like it if no other man was allowed to touch you but me." He said honestly. "Kiseok." "Go on your blind date. I can't stop you but have dinner with me. I know this really good shop that makes great desserts. I'll come get you at eight just text me your address." He said. He started heading back to his car, "Wait Kiseok, where are you going? Yah!" "I have work to do." He said. He hoped into his car and it took off. Hakyeon came back to your side and handed you your coffee. He leaned over to see the bell around your neck. He flicked it and laughed when he heard it ring, "What's with this?" he said. You looked at him and repeated Kiseok's words, "A kitten needs a bell." He started to choke on his drink, "He made you into a kitten? That's cute, he's really into you." He said. "It would seem so. He wants to be my one and only." You said. "Well like I said just becareful, guys like him seem to be used to getting the girl with no problem. I just wouldn't want him to take advantage of you." He said. You nodded and Hakyeon walked you down the side walk with his arm around your shoulder....
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