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I personally both! I would wear both, but eros 1st. What about you guys? Yuri On Ice Cards: @JadeOwens @Beanerific321 @ScarletKitty @SimoneSanders @Matty1997 @rarleen40 @TracyLynnn @Riethu @windfox If your name is not only the list, just comment below & I 'll add you! Comment: Main Collection, Yuri On Ice , or Inuyasha if those are the cards you want to specifically be tagged in. Comment "All" to be tagged in all my cards!! Thanks guys!
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@windfox on all my cards? inyyasha cards? yuri on ice cards? i saw thev1st day of tea lol
amd what did you think?
those are beautiful I would want to die in those
I would wear those to prom if I could turn back time
They're amazing 😍😍😍 Also, tag me for Yuri on Ice kudasai. ^_^