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With the way things went with EXO, its no wonder EXO-CBX was the Phoenix that rose out of the ashes of the former subgroups, EXO-K & EXO-M. The once beloved subgroups seemed to go south when former members Kris Wu, LuHan, & Z.Tao departed for personal reasons. At one point, I thought I heard that KyungSoo was being considered to crossover to EXO-M but I never heard anything about that since then. It would have made EXO-K a five man group and EXO-M a four man group. I think it would have been interesting. But they wanted to start fresh, make a new start, and so EXO-CBX was born....

Farewell EXO-K & EXO-M

(A Rant... Read On If You Dare)

On a personal note. It's become my pet peeve when people, especially fans, label EXO's Chinese Version as EXO-M. It's just not right, I tell ya. For starters.... EXO as a whole group, TO12, did TWO albums, XOXO/Growl & Miracles In December. Both sprouting the Korean Version and the Chinese Version. EXO-K & EXO-M recorded TWO MINI albums each, Mama & Overdose. Now since then, EXO has done FOUR albums, EXODUS/Love Me Right, EX'act/LOTTO, Sing For You, & Winter. With the exception of Tao, who sang on EXODUS but wasn't around for Love Me Right, It's just been the 9 members. Then CBX, the new EXO subgroup, debuted. Now the reason it bothers me, its because Even on the Chinese Version or what some call the EXO-M version, or the Korean Version as EXO-K, on the full group albums, ALL the members sing. It's not just the EXO-M members. Maybe it's wishful thinking to keep EXO-M alive but it's gone! They live on as one now... they live on as EXO. I think for EXO its a painful memory of a time when things were so bright and wonderful. I don't think they want to be reminded of that, which is probably why they re-choreographed Mama and Overdose as one group. Not separate like they used to.... Don't you think?
1. Korean Music Wave EXO "MAMA" 2. Gayo Gaejun EXO "MAMA" metal version, (starts at 4:10)
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I'm not sure about XOXO, but I have the Korean version. Only EXO-K sing on Peter Pan, and I honestly am not sure about the rest at the moment. I really like it when all 9 sing the songs though, especially my favorites.
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I know I have XOXO...but I'm now not sure about Growl. There are just too many now....I'm waiting for their Christmas one to arrive