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Korean Netizens Mad At Snuper?

Oy vey, another day another drama.

This photo is floating around the Korean interwebs saying that Snuper copies VIXX all the time. And while, yeah, their outfits match, can't we just blame lazy stylists not Snuper themselves?


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I don't understand how is their faults when the stylists are the ones dressing them and the company approves of it so essentially it's not their fault......馃槕馃槕馃槙馃槦馃槬
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Are the outfits copyrighted? It's the agency and the stylist who did that.
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lol love this comment
8 months ago
nope don't mess with my boys k-netizens馃槨
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Does it really matter if the outfits match? I feel like this is just something a netizen posted just because they didn't have enough things to whine and complain about. It may sound harsh, but that's reality. People LOVE to complain about things but never really wanna fix them. (Including myself.)
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