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Korean Netizens Mad At Snuper?

Oy vey, another day another drama.

This photo is floating around the Korean interwebs saying that Snuper copies VIXX all the time. And while, yeah, their outfits match, can't we just blame lazy stylists not Snuper themselves?


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Are the outfits copyrighted? It's the agency and the stylist who did that.
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lol love this comment
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Besides, what they look like should only matter but so much. As long as they aren't copying their sounds, songs, concepts, etc., it shouldn't even matter. Even if the stylists are copying VIXX, no style belongs to one group. -.- I don't know Snuper all that well, but I know Vixx decently well. I don't really see a problem with it...
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I think it's the stylists fault. They are the ones deciding what to make them wear. 馃槖
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I don't understand how is their faults when the stylists are the ones dressing them and the company approves of it so essentially it's not their fault......馃槕馃槕馃槙馃槦馃槬
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Look, the stylists are probably fans of VIXX to the point that they they want their group to look the same
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