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T.O.P was photographed today at Incheon airport and it looks like he has said goodbye to his pink hair!
He stepped out just hours after Big Bang's final concert in Seoul with a brand new haircut and back to his natural roots.
More interestingly, he flew out to the United States!
It's still unclear as to where in the United States he is or what he doing here but for whatever it is for, I hope he gets a chance to rest up and enjoy himself before heading off to China for the group's final set of concerts in Hong Kong.
I'm so torn in my feelings right now. I'm thrilled that he is here in the US because, even though he could be on the other side of the country, it just means it is a little closer to me...
...but it kind of hurts to see his pink hair gone already. It just drives home the fact that we are exactly one month away from his enlistment date. It's all becoming so real and it's such a bittersweet emotion.
What do you guys think of T.O.P's new look and any ideas as to what he is up to here in the US?
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love it! I think he looks good in any color though....
I like it but it will be done soon. He might be here to buy art.
Don't they have something in Hawaii? He'll have to have his natural hair color to enlist. The military does NOT like colored hair (first hand experience here).
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Maybe he decided to defect....
I think I like this hair a little better.
soon it will be shaven