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Hello Lovelies it's Stef here and I will be representing our Manly Oak Tree Youjin. Today I will be info about him.
Real Name: Kim You Jin Birthday: February 10, 1993 Position: vocals Height: 183cm Weight: 73kg Blood: AB Status: Single Family Youjin has three younger brothers Career Youjin made his debut in 2016 as KNK,which is an initialism which stands for K-pop kNocK. It means “to knock on the door of K-pop with their music.” He is famous for a former TS Entertainment trainee and trained with the members of boy group B.A.P. Aside from promoting with KNK, Youjin was active as one of back dancers for the live performances of Bestie “Zzang Christmas” Occupation:singer,dancer Position in KNK: Main Vocalist Active Years: 2016–present TV show Let’s Go! Dream Team Season (2016)
Food: Steak,Pizza,Hamburger Drink:Coke,Barley tea Favorite Movie:Avatar,Identity Favorite Music:R&B, HipHop Motto:I will never forget who I am. Personality:Stubborn Hobby:Listening to music,Playing game Sports: Soccer 1. He was a trainee of TS Entertainment 2. He featured in the video is Bestie and also acted as a backup dancer during Bestie live performances. 3. Youjin also had some training with the boy group B.A.P
Fun facts Known as the oldest in the group Does not like Oyster,Egg plant,Lotus Is known to do songwriting His fanclub name is TinkerBell. His shoe size is 27.5 cm. He becomes happy when he is in a workspace on the rooftop of Itaewon. He can speak Korean He wants to visit The Glove Mall in Los Angeles. His treasure is his cell phone. If he has free time,he wants to go on a trip. HIs habit is shaking his leg. His ways to destress are sleeping,playing game and walking . His nickname is Chopsticks. Things that he wants to do before his death are traveling a lot of countries and being exposed to diverse cultures. Hope you enjoy getting to our Manly Oak Tree Youjin. If you want to be added to our taglist let us know.