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Holiday Fanfic Winners Part 2
Hey guys! I know I'm getting this out a bit late, but as I am sure you can all relate the last couple weeks have been pretty hectic. So here it finally is - the winners of the multi-community Holiday Fanfic Event! Please join me in congratulating them and thank you to everyone who participated!! Here is part two of your Holiday FF winners!!
History ~ It's Hard to Say Farewell by @jjrockstar part 1 part 2

And Finally, our Ultimate Winner......

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Congrats to everyone who won and participated!!! You all had such great stories~
8 months ago·Reply
@CrookedShadow Thank you! Even though I didn't win, I'm glad I participated .
8 months ago·Reply
Thank you! And congrats to all the other winners. And to all participants, your stories were really great. Please keep writing to we can all continue to enjoy the awesome stories. And it helps me get exposed to new groups, lol😊❤❤❤
8 months ago·Reply
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@CrookedShadow Thanks! Yours were really good and interesting to read, even not knowing the people in the groups, lol. I really enjoyed all of yours.
8 months ago
I never read these?! Ugh I have so much to do, I'm sooooo behind on this app
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