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Hello everyone! It's Jinho day!!!! I'm so excited to introduce this cutie to you guys today!!!
Birth Name: Jo Jin Ho
Stage Name: Jinho
Birth Date: April 14, 1992
Blood Type: A
Height: 175 cm (however he may very well be shorter)
Position: Main Vocalist
Specialty: High Notes
Fun Facts:
He was a part of SM The Ballad before becoming a Cube Trainee.
He's an ex-SM trainee.
He's the oldest member of Pentagon.
He's the shortest member of Pentagon.
I hoped you loved Jinho's intro! Isn't he adorable?
Anyone else Jinho biased? (Hongseok creeping in second for me though, just like in that gif^)
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Me me me me me me me!!! I'm jinho biased!
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Yeah certainly! I'll tell the Mod! Sorry about that!
Thank you!
I commented on the taglist card before but I think you forgot to tag me. Will you please tag me again?