I went across this blog and it showed something about j hope. It really hurt seeing this. I mean, he'a my ultimate bias and it... it really shows how dumb people have become.
This one really made me mad. It translates: "This is so frustrating. There are other members that dance better than j hope. I don't know why they put him in the center. Hoseok's part should've been Taehyung or Jimin. Maybe even Yoongi or Namjoon would've made it look better. I heard Son songdeuk (choreographer) gave him center. When I heard that I didn't do anything. But now I really think they shouldn't do this anymore. Helping someone is at its limits. Fuck." WHAT THE HECK?????? I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU CALL YOURSELF AN ARMY!!馃槕馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨
This one says: "1. He blew off the intro. 2. He blew off mama's beat. A lot of people look forward to it. 3. His center part from the choreography is like shit. 銋犮厾 4. He sings the mahni mahni part, does the center, he did everything. T." PLEASE APPRECIATE HOSEOK!!馃槨馃槪
Lastly, this makes me so mad and frustrated. This hurts. They made a #jhopecenterboycott. I really don't understand why they don't appreciate him. He's dance king, brightest sun I know, and beautiful work of art. People need to start raising their standards. 馃槶馃槖馃槨馃槨
Poor thing. He doesn't deserve this hate.
I don't get it either. JHope may not be a lyrical or jazz dancer, but he is an amazing Hip Hop and street dancer (and BTS is considered a hip hop group). I usually feel bad for JHope, Jin, and Joonie, as those 3 get the most 'hate.' I do hope all the members realize it's a very, very small amt of people that say those hateful things, and most of us love all the members. As a Noona, I don't have a BTS bias, but each one is special in their own way.
JHope is the one that makes all their choreography doesn't he? My poor Hope. All us ARMYs need to work together and give love that the "ARMY"s don't give him. It hurts my heart seeing this 馃槬
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I said this before, and I'll say it again. This fucking dumb ass "ARMY's" need to pull their heads out of their asses and see J-Hope's talent for what it is. He doesn't just have the title as Lead Dancer of the group for no fucking reason. I'm seriously sick and tired of this bullshit. It gets on my fucking nerves 馃槨馃槨 (and please forgive me for me language, but this stuff really ticks me off)
What the heck?! J-Hope was the highlight of the M/V!! Even the group members acknowledged it!! It's sad to see that nobody sees how great of a performer he is like his group members do. He has worked sooooo hard for the intro and for this comeback in general, yet this is what he gets in return?! People are legit getting on my damn nerves!!!
Why can't we all just love the group as a hole? This is ridiculous. The entire group is amazing at what they do. The entire reason that their group is amazing is because they are have there individual talents. The are unique puzzle pieces that fit together to make a beautiful painting. I'm really tired of this BS that these supposed 'ARMYs' are saying about them. The painting wouldn't be a hole if one of the puzzle pieces were missing.
I swear people are so stupid. They need to leave Jhope alone馃槧 Jhope is the greatest dancer I have ever seen. I don't understand how anyone can not appreciate him. Like look at him for crying out loud. He's freaking beautiful and perfect in every way.
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