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well good hello everyone, Daly here! Starting from this week I will be referring to every card as the week .... since it will be easier for me to keep track of them! Anyway! This week the squad will be talking about what caught our attention ..

San Ha!

What caught my attention about San Ha was his age ... I know that sounds weird but bear with me lol He's such a young one! So young but yet so talented. That's what really caught me by surprise. Yes, I am aware there are other just as young and just as talented but for some reason he caught my attention.


Honestly no surprise here ... what caught my attention ... his face lol He's ridiculously good looking and it just makes me feel more like a potato every time I see him lol BUT that does not mean he should just be seen as a pretty face!
But that's it for today .. ^ - ^

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EunWoo on Law of the Jungle is just so adorable.