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Hello everyone it's today I will be showing you (more like presenting to you) all about Minsu! Let's get started~~
Stage Name: Minsu Real Name: Kim Min Su Date of Birth: April 15, 1993 Position: Rapper and Dancer Height: 175 cm Weight: 55 kg Blood Type: O Training: He trained for 2 years before he was able to debut in Boys Republic Zodiac Sign: Aries Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rooster
Fun Facts -He likes skateboarding -Favorite Foods: Ramen and Udon -He loses his phone and often forgets where he put it -His favorite superhero is Batman -He is the clumsiest member of Boys Republic -He hates worms -Hates scary stuff and insects -Minsu is a deep thinker -Since he was little, Minsu has always dreamed of being a singer-songwriter -His ideal type is a fair skinned woman -He is different off stage and on stage -He is nicknamed as Vampire Minsu Link to this info here Instagram ID: ejrtjsdl12 Twitter ID: @BoysRepublic_MS
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Minsu is very adorable, especially when he is on V app. I just can't over that 😀
I swear 1993 is a blessed year mannnn why did I have to be born so late 😭😭hessoprettyoml