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So! Second week already, and I have yet another Man Crush this week!!

Kang Min Hyuk is my High School Drama MC!!

There have been so many Dramas he's been in where he played a HS student I certainly couldn't pick anyone else for this week! Kang Minhyuk is the drummer of popular K-Pop/rock group CNBlue! His birthday is June 28, 1991, he's 26 this year! He has also been in several dramas and a couple movies. I'll be looking at his roles as a high school student in this card!
Minhyuk in Heartstrings! Minhyuk played the super adorable drummer JoonHee in the drama Heartstrings. His character loves eating, and of course, loves his Natasha!
Here Minhyuk plays the always dependable ChanYoung, best friend of EunSang. His character is strong minded and kind, and always willing to help when he can.
The last High School drama Minhyuk has been in was The Entertainer. He plays the gentle and talented HaNeul. This is one of my favorite characters he's played. Even though some of his other characters have been more playful, silly roles, the fact that HaNeul is so complex and emotional makes his portrayal so much stronger.
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He is so cute and such a great actor. His smile is great.
Kang Minhyuk is such a cutie, I loved his character so much in Heartstrings and his voice is like honey. It's so smooth. I've also seen him in Heirs but not The Entertainer yet.
ugh, this boy is beyond beautiful!! That first pic of him was my wallpaper for a while 😍
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He looks so beautiful in it. I also had one of him in a smurf shirt for a while 😊
His OST for Entertainer is amazing. I absolutely LOVE MinHyuk. My daughter says the name MinHyuk means cute and hot (as there are at least 5 in Kpop....Astro, CN Blue, Block B, Monsta X, and I can't remember the other one).
There are a bunch of them, aren't there? :3 But it is a good thought about the name.
Yessss! I adored his character in Heirs!
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