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Kun Monday!

Welcome to yet another Monday here in the NCT community!
This week, I'm going to share what was my first real introduction to Kun.
My first introduction to Kun was seeing him in the music video for the Chinese version of Without U from NCT U. I really really love this song, and seeing a new face was exciting, especially since it was Kun! After seeing him once, I knew I was hooked.
When I first learned about NCT (the January Conference), I loved the idea, and I was interested in finding out more information, but I ended up getting a bit behind with learning about the members, and watching all of the videos that came out right at the beginning. I jumped in gain, but with the several groups I'm already a fan of, I added the music into my regular rotation and watched the videos, but recently, I've been taking more of an interest in these kids, and they're every bit as wonderful as I'd hoped they'd be!
I hope you've enjoyed this card!
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My Peeps:
So I am hooked on them even though there are so many.
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