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I feel love in the air!! Confession time. lol. oh if only I had an actual guy lol. So I imagine lol. Today's quiz is Which Kdrama confession will you get from your soulmate? Such lovely and with your answer you even get a little clip of a kdrama confession. eek Here is a link for the quiz!! Share your results and if you can figure out which drama your confession came from Love to know! Have Fun!!!
Omo I love my answer!!!! It is so cute and with being such a spazz it makes so much sense. lol I would really blurt it out not even realizing until its out there. lol Plus I believe the clip I got was from 'My love from another star'.
I got the one from legend of the blue sea
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lol yea when I took this one I saw the drama kiss quiz. lol was going to share that one soon too. the answers are always in a different order so makes it different to remember which answers.
"I like you. I like you a lot." From Replay 1997
That is so adorable!! 😁 💙💙💙
I got the do I like you confession from the Heirs but omo that was Seo In Guk?!
I got heirs- do I like you confession
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