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2 Quizzes in one night! lol I did the Quiz 'what kdrama confession' well now its "what kdrama kiss". Seemed right to put them by each other. There have been so many kiss scenes, some really cute, some intense, others awkward lol. Well go ahead and take the quiz and see what kdrama your kiss comes out of!!! Click here to take the Quiz!
Okay lol I got confused with my answer but I'm going with The Legend of the blue sea kiss! For some reason the video to go along was from Jealousy incarnate though. lol. (granted love that scene!). Its true, I overthink, so dam right I'd be one to make sure he reassures me with kisses. lol.
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ok so second time I got scarlet heart. which I so see that being me...more than the first but hey either kiss is fine with me lol
I got Hwarang
Aw, I want Hwarang!!
I got the IU kiss from Scarlet Heart Ryeo but can we talk about the sexy r&b boom chika wow wow because I almost picked that but then Woozi saying AdoreU is a funky pop song got stuck in my head and I had to pick that one. Honestly I was dieing by the end of the clip like KISS HER ALREADY YOU DIP!!!
I got Hwarang the second time!!!