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I'm not done with this battle yet! ><

Because my last oneshot in this battle was weak..... HERE'S PART 2!
Round 1~ Suga(r) V. (G)Dragon
***Big shoutout to the guest appearances by other idols~^^


@Sailynn V. @KpopBeat Fanfic War!

Out of the corner of her eye, she watched her waltz in the room and take a seat on the other end of the couch, pulling up her foot up to slide on dark blue socks with panda faces scattered in a pattern, then sliding on a monochromatic black converse with sliver sharpie glistening under the light. Her dance shoes.
“Why are you putting those on? We have wor-.”
She watched as the girl did the same to her other foot, sliding on the panda socks and the converse shoe.
“Yaaah!” She said louder, reaching over to tap her arm. The girl jumped and ripped out her headphone to look at her.
“Say something?” She asked.
“Mind telling me why you're wearing the fancy socks?”
“I'm going out.”
“Again?” She stated, somehow surprised.
“Yeah, I've got plans all day-”
“We have work today.”
The girl stood up and smoothed out her sweatshirt. “Work?”
“Yeah, a meeting with BigHit later toda-”
“Oh, no no no. YOU'VE got a meeting with BigHit, Jojo. I'm not needed for those things.”
“Excuse me? So you're ditching me and running off where exactly?” Jojo pressed for answers.
“To a land full of dancing gorillas.” She smiled pretty then turned on her heels. “I'm off! Bye! Good luck!”
“Sail! Wait!” Jojo jumped up. “Are you really going to ditch me? What if I run into the boys?”
Sailynn shrugged. “What of it? You're their noona, you can handle it. But I doubt they're even in Korea right now so you'll be fine. Baaiieee!”
She watched Sail leave without another word. Everyday for the past ten days, Sailynn was never home. Her schedule had changed from leaving with Jojo to work and coming back at the end of the day, to Sailynn leaving extra early and coming home extra late. Jojo barely even saw Sail at work. Somehow, Jojo had the hunch that it was because of the Youngjae incident but she had yet to bring up the subject even after all this time.
Jojo sat back down, bringing her feet up on the couch and adjusting herself until she was comfortable again, sinking back into the drama until it was time for her to get ready.
How long had it been since she was last here? A few months? Half a year? Funny how everything changed after the awkward date with a sugar cube. It felt like yesterday that she could recall her and Sailynn visiting BigHit almost daily for promotions or even just to hang out with the guys. But today Jojo stood across the street of the building, looking at the entrance like it was a portal into uncharted territory. She sighed for a moment then crossed the street and headed inside.
Before she knew it, she was already swearing in her head the moment her eyes locked with a sugar cube. They stared at each other for a couple more seconds until the youngest appeared from the open door.
“Noona! What are you doing here?” Jungkook smiled when he saw Jojo.
A wave of relief washed over Jojo, she could now focus on someone other than the staring pair of eyes in front of her. “I'm here to discuss some stuff with your marketing team. What are you up to?”
“Rehearsals,” Yoongi answered as if the question was directed at him.
Jojo flickered her eyes over to him then looked back at Jungkook and smiled politely.
“Yeah, we're just going over stuff for our comeback. Maybe we'll be working together soon, noona,” Jungkook grinned.
“Jojo noona? What are you doing here?” Jin poked his head out of the room. “Good to see you!”
Jojo bowed her head. “Same, how are you Jinnie?”
Jin flipped his hair. “You know, same old same old. Taking care of the kiddos.” He chuckled playfully.
“Oh? Who's here?” Namjoon walked up behind Jin and bowed hello when he saw Jojo. “Long time no see noona!”
“Hey Joonie, how are you?” Jojo bowed back.
“Well, thanks. Are you here to meet with the manager hyungs? I think they're upstairs in the meeting room.”
“Ah, thank you.”
“Hmm? Are you alone noona? Where's Sail?” Jungkook asked, looking over Jojo to make sure the other maknae wasn't hiding to surprise them.
“I'm alone. She's off doing something somewhere.”
Namjoon raised an eyebrow. “That's a rare sight. Business has you two separate?”
“Ehh, kinda? She was suppose to come today but she dipped this morning somewhere. Didn't hear where.”
“Maybe she finally got a boyfriend,” Taehyung stated, walking down the hallway towards them. “Kookie said he something on the media a few weeks back.”
“Yugyeom said she was dating Jun.K hyung, is that true noona?” Jungkook asked, his eyes twinkling with curiosity.
Jojo snorted, making the others chuckle. “You two exchange secrets regularly?”
Jungkook blushed, “Um, kinda?”
Jojo shook her head, remembering how fun it was to be with dorks like BTS. “No, they're not dating. I don't know where she is quite frankly. I barely see her nowadays.”
“See who? Who we talking about?” J-Hope appeared from behind Namjoon. “Hi noona!”
“Hey Hobi. We're talking about Sail.”
“Sail? What about her?”
“Jojo lost Sail,” Yoongi restated, smirking to himself.
“Yaah! I did not lose her. I just don't know where she disappears to. Quit smirking!”
“Sail's at Cube Entertainment,” J-Hope answered bluntly.
“Cube Entertainment?” Jojo repeated.
“How do you know hyung?” Taehyung asked, looking completely surprised.
“Because I talked to her literally not too long ago. Right Jimin? Sail said she was at Cube?”
“Right!” Jimin called from inside the room. “Sorry noona, I'm sick so I won't greet you today.”
“It's okay, Jimin. Just work on getting better.” Jojo called back.
“How often do you two talk?” Jin glanced at J-Hope.
“Not often. She called for advice on a new dance she was working on. We video chatted for a few minutes and the background didn't look like KpopINT's typical dance studio so I asked her.”
“Well, we found her for you noona,” Namjoon chuckled.
“You don't say....” Jojo's voice trailed off.
“Yeah, Yugyeom just confirmed it.” Jungkook pitched in while looking down at his phone.
Jojo flinched. “What? Is he there too?”
“No,” He looked up. “I asked Yugyeom because he knows someone at Cube and had it confirmed. She's there right now apparently working with one of the groups.”
Jojo blinked twice before it hit her. She knew exactly why Sail was at Cube Entertainment. “I'm gonna kill her.” Jojo hissed under her breath before clearing her throat and putting a smile for the boys. “Well, I'm going to that meeting then I'll be making a quick stop to check on Sail. I'll see you guys later okay?”
The boys nodded. “Take care noona!” They sang cheerfully as Jojo walked away towards the elevator.
The meeting dreaded for longer than it should have, but then again, that was what it seemed like when Jojo's mind raged with the pending question of why exactly Sailynn had been going to Cube Entertainment all these days. Jojo bowed goodbye and exited the meeting room, quickening her pace out of the building to make sure she didn't run into anyone else that would preoccupy her time and only stopping by the room BTS had been in to wave goodbye.
“Should I go there and see what she's doing? Or do I call her out at home?” Jojo chewed on the inside of her cheek as she went through the thinking process. “No. I can't call her out at home if she keeps dipping early and coming back late. Aishh. I'm not going to like this.”
Out of nowhere, Jojo's phone began to rang with her CEO's ringtone. “Yes?” She answered.
“Hey, where are you right now?”
“I just got done with BigHit, why?”
“Sailynn isn't picking up her phone, is she with you?”
“No.” Jojo growled out of irritation. “She's at Cube Entertainment.”
“Oh. Really? Huh, that was fast.”
“Wait, what?”
“I was calling Sailynn to ask her to go to Cube Entertainment and pick up a few documents but I guess she got the memo through the text I sent her. Okay, nevermind.”
“I'll head over right now,” Jojo said, mentally thanking her CEO for giving her an excuse to go to Cube Entertainment without having to come up with a lame one.
“Sounds good. Fax them to me later please.”
The line went dead. Jojo shoved her phone back in her pocket then called for a taxi almost immediately.
“Cube Entertainment please,” Jojo told the driver then settled back in her seat and tried to mentally prepare for whatever she was going to face.
She could almost count the amount times she had been in this very spot on one hand. Cube Entertainment was a place she avoided like the plague and usually sent Sailynn to do all the business stuff to purposely avoid it. But here she was, standing below the fancy architecture of Cube Entertainment.
“I'm going to kill her.” Jojo muttered. “How dare she make me come here.”
After a deep breath and talking herself out of walking away, Jojo walked inside, immediately bowing and smiling at the staff when they all turned to greet her.
Jojo went up to the front desk. “Excuse me, the dance studio is this way, right?”
The receptionist nodded politely, making Jojo thank her and continue forward down a stairwell that lead into the basement.
Almost immediately she caught a glimpse of the youngest tree and Sailynn's twin messing around in the hallway like dorks.
“Ahem.” Jojo cleared her throat, making the two of them jump almost two feet high out of frieght.
“Noona!” They sang in unison.
“What are you doing here?” Wooseok asked.
“Ouch. No hello? No how are you?” Jojo teased.
“Oh, right. Hi noona! How are you?” Wooseok smiled, making the hyung beside him snicker.
Jojo raised an eyebrow. “Hui why are you laughing?”
Hui bit his lip to hold in his laughter. “Um. I'm sorry noona. Wooseok is just cute. You know, maknae cute.”
Jojo nodded slowly. “Speaking of maknaes..... where's mine?”
“Your what?” Wooseok spoke.
“Wooseok is right here,” Hui pointed at Wooseok making him chuckle lightly.
“No. Where is Sailynn?”
“Who's Sailynn?” Hui asked, looking between Wooseok and Jojo.
“Sail, Hui. Your twin. Where is your twin?” Jojo clarified, remembering the first time Sailynn and Hui met and instantly dubbing each other long lost twins.
“Oh! Sail! Right! Um. She's not here.” Hui then smiled as brightly as he could, causing Wooseok to chuckle again. “What?”
“Hui, you're not the best liar,” Jojo smirked.
“She's right hyung. Even I could have lied better than that.” Wooseok chuckled.
“Why do you have to lie? Why don't you tell me where Sail is?” Jojo crossed her arms across her chest and glared at the boys in front of her. But before Jojo could say anymore, her question was answered the a loud noise coming from the studio just a few feet away.
Hui and Wooseok glance at each other, immediately snorting with laughter.
“You two were saying?” Jojo smirked.
The two boys turned back to her before bolting towards the studio like scattering mice.
“Panthers scare me hyung!” Wooseok said loudly as the two of them barged inside. Simultaneously, Jojo could hear gasps and shuffling bodies echoing down the hallway.
Jojo stuck her foot in the door before it could close and pulled it open. “There's honestly no reason for you to hide Sail. I know you're in here.” Upon entering, she saw the entire group, either sitting or laying on the ground, posing as if playing the mannequin challenge. But Jojo's eyes lingered straight forward, where Hongseok and E'Dawn sat next to each other, pretending to be looking at E'Dawn's phone, and behind them against the wall, Yuto and Yan An sat with a gap in between them, looking away from each other as if watching the other members pretend play the mannequin challenge; the gap filled with jackets and sweatshirts.
Jojo shook her head. “Didn't I buy you those panda socks before we left the States, Sa-”
“Those are mine....” Yan An interrupted, jumping forward with his response, only to sink back when Jojo switched her attention to him. “Th-those ar-re my socks....” His voice trailed off.
“And that shoe in the middle of the floor?” Jojo pointed.
“That's mine.” Jinho responded, raising his hand. “Sorry.”
“You have pretty small feet kiddo. Say, who's signature is that on the side?”
Jinho looked at the other members and swallowed hard before looking back at Jojo. “Um. Michael Jackson?”
Shinwon snorted.”Okay, I give. I'm more scared of noona than the other savage beast in this room.”
On cue, Sailynn threw down the coats that were on her. “Who you calling a savage beast?” She snarled at Shinwon.
“You, because you are one.”
Sailynn sprung to her knees and puffed her chest. “Look here jerk. I'll beat you up!”
“Pfftt. I'd win in a heartbeat.” Shinwon teased.
“Come at me bro!” Sailynn began to get up before Yuto, Yan An, Hongseok and even E'Dawn tug her sweatshirt down. “I'm only letting you live another day because I'm a nice person.”
“She probably could kick your ass, hyung,” Kino added.
Shinwon shook his head, “we'll see.”
“Well I may or may not be kicking your ass depending on how you answer my question. What are you doing here?” Jojo said, drawing all eyes back on her.
“Ah, but the real question is, what are YOU doing here?” Sailynn beamed.
“Coming to get your ass. CEO just called me demanding to make you answer your phone.”
“I couldn't when she called, I was busy. But I text her back, so chill.”
“Chill?” Jojo scoffed. “Chill? I will not chill. Have you been hiding here this whole time? Don't you think Pentagon has better things to do than to hang around and do whatever the hell you were doing before I- What were you doing to be exact?” Jojo suddenly gasped. “Were you making out with them!? You perv!”
“No!” Sailynn yelled, her face flushing brightly as the room erupted with laughter, some dying, some awkwardly chuckling.
“I suspect a hot group make out session with Sail in the middle, no wonder you're surrounded right now. Huh, I bet Yuto is next, right?” Jojo smirked.
“WHA- UH- DUDE.” Sailynn stuttered over her words, trying to push out something that made sense.
“Actually, I was next,” Yeo One sang, sliding on the floor and landing by Sailynn's feet. “Right Sail?”
“Give me back my shoe, please.” She growled at him.
“If it makes you feel better, noona. Sail's only been here for a few days.” Jinho smiled politely.
“Yeah, we were her last resort apparently since she was at Plan A Entertainment before us,” Hongseok sighed.
“And Fantigo before that,” Hui added.
“Wow Sail. You becoming a cougar nowadays instead of a panda? Hanging around with baby groups and stealing their first kiss?”
“Who's a baby?” Wooseok spoke up, jumping up to his feet.
“You're a baby, now sit back down little one.” Jojo replied, making Wooseok quietly sit back down without another word.
“Actually, noona has been here helping me come up with a routine. We're in the middle of taking a break since we've been practicing all morning.” Kino spoke up.
“We're trying to figure out where to go out to eat,” E'Dawn pitched in.
“Would you like to come, noona?” Yuto asked Jojo.
“Hmmm. I don't know. If I do go, Sail will be savage, but if I don't go, she may actually go through with stealing all of you're first kisses without anyone attempting to stop her.”
“Pffttt. Just go, you know you want to,” Sailynn said.
“Yaah, if they won't see through your evil ways, I have to step in and save the children.” Jojo retorted.
“Noona, we all know that Sail is evil,” Shinwon smirked.
“I am not evil! I'm cute and innocent.”
Everyone in the room snickered in unison.
“That's it, I'm done with all of you.” Sailynn went to stand up until Yuto grabbed her sleeve and tugged it gently.
“Noona.” He spoke, instantly causing Sailynn to sit back down.
“Okay. I'll stay.”
“Whoa. Did you see that?” Wooseok whispered loudly over to Shinwon.
Jojo raised her eyebrows, also in shock.
“Okay okay, but before we go, Sail still has to answer the question. Who is your favorite?” Yeo One asked.
“Uh, I think the answer was just given to us. Did you not see what just happened?” Jinho responded.
“Yeah but- why am I not your favorite?” Yeo One began to complain. “Am I at least your second favorite?”
“No, that's my spot,” Hui beamed.
“As if. You dubbed her your sister. She can't favor you if you're her brother. I'm her second favorite,” Hongseok growled.
“I thought Yan An was her number two,” E'Dawn said, scratching his head.
“No, I'm on the panda list.” Yan An answered.
“What's that suppose to mean?”
“That means I get special treatment.” Yan An smiled from ear to ear.
“So, her number two is me then,” Yeo One said, jumping up.
“Um. I haven't decided who my number two is.....”
“Sail. When did Yuto go from wrecker to bias?” Jojo asked, fully intrigued by the discussion.
“When Sail noona first walked in a few days ago, Yuto hugged her,” Kino said. “We almost called the ambulance because she wasn't responding she collapsed from shock.”
“I thought I killed her,” Yuto chuckled nervously.
“I thought so too. We were about to stuff her body in the supply room but Yan An had to go and do some panda hocus pocus before I could convince the others to help me,” Shinwon stated.
“Do you wanna die?” Sailynn growled at Shinwon.
“I'd take you on, pipsqueak,” he stuck his tongue out.
“Um, my stomach is growling.”
Everyone turned towards Wooseok.
“Can we go get BBQ?”
“I don't see why not,” Jinho said, grabbing his coat from Sailynn.
“That actually sounds good right now,” Jojo agreed.
Sailynn jumped up, “Yay! BBQ!” She handed the other members their sweatshirts as they made their way out the door. “Wait! Where's my shoe? Yeo One!”
“Here,” Hui smiled.
Before Sailynn could thank him, Yuto and Wooseok hoisted her up so Hui could slip on her shoe and tie the laces.
“Spoiled much Sail?” Jojo smirked.
Sailynn turned red. “Um.”
“Just looking after my twin,” Hui turned his head back to smile at Jojo.
“Or aiming for that number two spot,” Yeo One muttered.
The two boys set her down with smirks on their faces.
Taking off his scarf, Yan An wrapped it around Sailynn. “Bundle up okay? It's suppose to rain today and Jojo noona wouldn't want you getting a cold.”
“Yaah! Sail, get to the front of the line. I have to keep you and your pandas separate. Away from Yuto too,” Jojo called back, causing Sailynn to squeeze to the front of the group to avoid Yan An seeing her die in his scarf.
Walking in a group around the block and across the street, the cluster of bodies enter a small BBQ restaurant, bowing hello at the owners. They gathered around a two tables, pulling chairs together to fit everyone. The two girls pushed in the center, across from each other with bubbly boys on either ends.
Jojo and Sailynn exchanged looks. The kind of look that told Jojo that Sailynn was enjoying herself a little too much for Jojo's safety.
“Hyung, who's turn is it to cook?” Shinwon asked Jinho.
“Aren't the maknaes suppose to cook?” Jojo grinned, looking at Sailynn.
“Wooseok can't cook to save his life,” Jinho answered.
Wooseok lowered his head. “It's true noona, I can't.”
“Well if you want me to cook, you can just ask, you don't have to devour me with your eyes,” Sailynn stuck her tongue out playfully at Jojo.
“No noona, I'll cook. You and Jojo noona are our guests,” Kino said, getting up and grabbing the tongs.
Jojo stuck her tongue back at Sailynn, the two of them laughing at each other as the boys watched like it was their first time experiencing the famous rivalry between Jojo and Sailynn. Jojo took notice and broke her eye contact with Sailynn, looking around at the boys. “What? Can't I pick on my dongsaeng?”
Sailynn snorted. “Which one?”
“Aishh.” Jojo rolled her eyes. “Make me feel old why don't cha?”
“Do you two always bicker?” Yan An asked, leaning forward to make himself be heard.
Jojo and Sailynn turned towards him simultaneously and answered, “Always.” Making the rest of the boys snicker at the them.
The waiter came by with a tray of meat then distributed the side dishes before having to take out a small notebook to write down the extra side dish requests from the boys. The aroma of marinated beef made many stomachs begin to growl as soon as Kino placed the meat on the grill, its sizzling sound causing a couple of gasps to escape.
Jojo giggled. “Hungry children.”
“I'm starving,” E'Dawn whined. “Sail and Kino put us to work since this morning. I need all the meat I can get.”
A low rumble of agreements traveled around the table.
“I was starting to see the light,” he continued. “And at the end, I saw two big plates of jeon, red bean paste and kimchi jeon. Even mung bean! Oh the agony!”
“Why are you guys practicing so much? Isn't it your off season?” Jojo asked.
“Yes, but it's also the perfect time to experiment with new routines,” Kino answered. “And Sail noona happened to come in at the right time. Do you know how hard it is to get these hyungs motivated? Thankfully Sail was here to help.”
“What she do? Kiss them?” Jojo snickered.
“For your information,” Sailynn growled. “I don't kiss just anyone.”
“You're right. You only kiss panda. Yan An. You should probably carry lip balm on you 24/7.”
“I al-lready do.... noona.” Yan An blushed as he smiled.
“You're horrible to me,” Sailynn complained, trying desperately to make lasers come out of her eyes to shoot Jojo.
“Noona's bubbly personality was enough to motivate the hyungs,” Yuto responded.
Jojo leaned forward towards Yuto, squinting her eyes. “How exactly did you become her bias?”
Yuto stared back at Jojo then quickly shot her a smile, making Sailynn gasp in awe.
Hongseok reached over and covered Sailynn's eyes with his hand, “no dying in public please. Yuto, be careful. This maknae is sensitive.”
“Sorry hyung,” Yuto bowed in apology then playfully winked at the now hardcore judging Jojo.
“Should we wait until all of pieces are done or should I start dividing them up now?” Kino quickly interjected before anyone else could say something, bringing back the attention to the grill.
“Let's eat!” E'Dawn grinned. “Right hyung?” He looked at Jinho for approval.
Jinho shrugged. “Not my call today, what do you say noona?” He glanced at Jojo.
“Jeez, you making me feel old too?”
“I'm kidding Jinho. Let's eat.”
The meat was divided and more meat was added. Before they knew it, the waiter had come around again with another large batch of marinated meat. This time, bringing pork belly, chicken, and even a bit of shrimp.
As the food grilled and stories were shared, Sailynn couldn't help but notice Kino looking at everyone except for Jojo. In the back of her mind, she knew exactly why Jojo would avoid Kino but for him to avoid Jojo, now that was a sight that spiked curiosity in her head. Sailynn continued to watch closely from the corner of her eyes, paying attention on how careful Kino had become on dodging Jojo's polite glances whenever the attention was drawn in his direction by the hyungs around him.
All Sailynn knew was that Kino believed at Jojo didn't like him but even she couldn't tell him the truth without having one of the other members interrupt their conversation.
“Sail, if you keep glancing at Yeo One like that, he's gonna start thinking he's your number two,” Jojo snickered when she caught on to Sailynn's constant glancing.
“It's okay noona, I'll win Sail's heart and steal her away from Yuto,” Yeo One winked.
Sailynn rolled her eyes then scooted her chair back, “I'll be back. Excuse me.”
Jojo watched as Sailynn weaved her way through the tables and around the corner, in direction of the restrooms then refocused her attention back on the conversation she was having with Hongseok and Jinho.
“Sail! Is that you!?”
Everyone froze at the mention of Sailynn's name echoing thorough the restaurant. The boys looked at each other in confusion but Jojo knew exactly who's voice that belonged to.
“My dongsaeng! What are you doing here!?”
“Aishh.” Jojo sighed. “Excuse me boys, I need to go save my maknae from other worldly evil before the world stops rotating.” She got up and headed down the path that Sailynn had taken, stopping instantly when she saw more than she bargained for- Donghae.
“Jojo?” His eyes instantly capturing hers.
“Jojo's here too? That's great! Let's join tables!” Kyuhyun grinned.
“We can't.” Jojo answered sharply. “We're here with friends.” She then walked up to them and grabbed her fingers around Sailynn's arm without breaking eye contact with Donghae.
“Sorry sunbae. We're finishing up with friends. Maybe next time,” Sailynn smiled nervously, trying not to draw attention to how tightly Jojo was grabbing onto her.
“Damn. You made my day for a few minutes there,” Kyuhyun pretended to look hurt then quickly reverted back to smiling. “Let's coordinate schedules so we can all go out.”
“Sure sunbae.”
The tension was there and all they did was stare at each other like one would strike if they looked away. The urge to walk out of the restaurant with Sailynn was building up in her system but it would be hell having to explain to 10 disappointed kids why she had to take her maknae and dip.
“Jojo,” Donghae began. “Let's tal-”
“No.” She cut him off immediately.
“Because there's nothing to talk about.”
“Don't you think that's a bit to har-”
“No. I don't.”
Donghae exhaled his frustration. “Jojo-”
The single voice made Jojo's hair on the back of her neck shoot up. Out of all of them there, why did he have to be the one to see what was taking so long?
“Noona, is everything okay?” Kino's tall figure brushed against Jojo's arm. “Ah, hello.” He bowed his head slightly when making eye contact with the two men in front of him.
Kyuhyun turned to Kino and stared at him long and hard, “Do I know you from somewhere?”
Kino shook his head, “this is our first meeting.” He then turned towards Jojo and smiled, “Noona, the meat is ready, let's head back before it gets cold.”
“Yeah, let's go,” Jojo responded without looking away from Donghae.
“I'll see you later sunbae,” Sailynn bowed goodbye and turned.
Before Jojo could completely turn, Donghae grabbed her arm and pulled her back. “Jojo, please wait.”
Jojo looked at him, “let me go.”
“I won't until you listen to me.”
“I'm not going to give you any attention. Don't be stupid and cause a scene.”
“I'll cause one if it means getting you to listen to me!” Donghae hissed.
“Then do it on your own, I have guests waiting-”
“I don't care.” Donghae snapped. “Now listen to me-'
A pair of hands broke Donghae's grip around Jojo's arm. “I don't think you should ever talk to a lady like that, ahjussi.” Kino said in a calm voice.
“Kino. Stay out of this.” Jojo demanded.
“I will noona. But this ahjussi has to leave first.”
Kyuhyun gasped. “Whoa.”
“Kino!” Sailynn hissed, jerking her hand across her neck to motion him to stop.
Donghae glared at Kino. “Who does this kid think he is?”
“Kino. Listen to Sail and stay out of it.” Jojo repeated.
“Noona, you may not like me very much but even I know it's disrespectful to put my hands on another person. Ahjussi, please apologize to noona and leave.”
“Listen kid, this isn't your place to butt in-”
“Do I care?”
Kyuhyun and Sailynn gasped.
It all happened to quickly for them to notice. Donghae pulled his hand away from Kino and grabbed Jojo again, pulling her towards him in one swift move then tossing her over his shoulder in another. With graceful movement, he ran out the door and into the pouring rain.
“Put me down!” Jojo yelled. “We're getting soaked!”
“Yaah! You're being childish!”
“Maybe I have to be childish if you're hang with kids these days!” Donghae yelled back over the rain.
“Are you serious right now?”
“Shush. Be a good dongsaeng like Sail and let yourself get whisked away.”
“Whisked away? This is kidnapping!”
“I'm not kidnapping, I'm adultnapping!”
Donghae ran and ran until he finally set Jojo down and grabbed her wrists before she could even attempt to run away. “Will you listen to me for once?”
“Why should I?” Jojo barked. “After what happene-”
“I'm sorry okay? Just let me explain.”
Jojo stared at him, the water dripping down from his pale skin. Had he always looked so perfect? This was the first time in a long time she had seen him. Even before the incident, he had been away in the military and yet here he was, still the same Donghae from before.
“I'm sorry. I misunderstood the entire situation with you and that sugar guy. I didn't know the details and quite frankly,l I didn't care for the details. I was butt hurt. Yes, completely butt hurt. Why? Because you and I have had a bond for years now and then I leave for two years and you went on a date with that kid?”
“I was forced by Sai-”
“I know you were forced! Sail told me everything, that's why we went out to the cafe, they were going to tell me the details I didn't want to hear but you went too before I knew the truth and took all my frustration on you. Why did you run away from me the other day on the street?”
“Do I really have to answer that-”
“You never answered my calls, nor my texts. I had to fight every urge to ask Sail to take me to your place. What the hell Jojo!? Do you know how hard it is to keep a distance from someone you really care about? Is six years of knowing each other not mean anything to you?!”
Jojo blinked. “So what? It's not like I'm your girlfrien-”
“Fine! Then I guess I'll just have to make you only mine!”
Donghae's hands released Jojo's wrists and rose up to cup her face, holding her in place as he pressed his lips against hers.
From a distance, he watched the two outline of the two shadows come together. Though every urge in his body screamed at him to do something, he knew better. There was nothing he could do.
“Kino,” Sailynn said, walking up behind him. “Jojo doesn't hate you. She just.... she..... she's having a hard time getting use to you in her personal bubble.”
“I know.” Kino replied almost instantly.
Sailynn flinched. “Y-you know?” And that was when she noticed the small smirk on little Kino's lips. “Oh you evil maknae. I seriously felt bad for you for a second there.”
Kino turned around and threw an arm around Sailynn's shoulders, pulling her close as they began to walk away from the fluffy Kdrama scene. “I'm just buying my time, noona. Sleeper cells often detonate when you least expect it.”
“Pfftt. More like bombs.”
Kino chuckled. “Penta...bombs. I'm sure the hyungs will be after you too, noona.”
Sailynn shook her head and they walked the rest of the way back in silence.

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