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❌❌❌❌‼️‼️ AMV possible SPOILERS!! Bra this AMV has some slight spoilers even though it's a fast paced summary to the ending theme song but just an FYI NAKAMA!! This anime is so different but amazing. I've seen it, ahh 5hundred and 74 times now!! Haha Just playing NAKAMA but I've seen it atleas half a dozen or so times and half is because I love it but other half is because I love the ending theme song by "Kylee- Vacancy" Such An amazing song and for a Japanese artist to do perfect English vocals at such beauty and just overall great all around is amazing!! Song by KYLEE- Vacancy 100/10 Anime- 9/10 MAL rating- 7.81/10 It's well worth the watch for the sci-fi and military as slight romance I'll personally ad and just the difference in anime compared to most military types. Def has action too!! Synopsis- Basically there is a war between governments and this small island is in a "safe" or "free" zone. Well that doesn't happen to be the case starting epi 1. A girl is allowed by Akiyuki who sneaks her his armband to be allowed on the bus, well she is a suicide bomber of sorts but saves Yuki with some weird light which ends up changing his body and his life from there on out. He can change back of course but controlling it is another problem. Things at wild and funny from there on our. It's a good 26 epinwatch nakama!! Add it to the list and Love anime!! And this song is my love!! Anime is Life!!