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Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung What: Smutmance (what you get when Smut and romance have a baby) Story: You never thought you'd agree to something like this. His interests are unconventional but you're willing to taste this life he likes...
Y/n's POV "You want me to be your what?" You looked at Ju Kyung as if he said the dumbest thing in the world. It was dumb, it was ridiculous but he obviously didn't see the insanity of his request which led you to believe he was used to a reaction like this. He asked you out to dinner because he said he had something to discuss with you. He had someone else pick you up and when the evening began his first words were to tell you that if at anytime you wanted to leave he'd have the same car that picked you up come back around and take you home. Ju Kyung was normally silly and fun loving around you and the rest of his crew. He worked well with Jay and Kiseok and the others. Their businesses were really kicking off but you only really hung out around any of them when Jay called you out to party with them or he took you out to lunch with them. You met Jay in Seattle around the same time you met Chase, small world. You two developed a friendship but you ended up going back to Korea yourself a year and a half after meeting Jay for work reasons. For this reason, you'd never seen Ju Kyung look so serious. He even went out of his way to get a private section to have dinner. These places were often used for business deals because the upper floors had private rooms where as the bottom floor was a public dining area. Although the higher up you went, the more expensive the private room was so very few bodies were up here. You were on the third floor and the curtains were closed so that no sunlight interrupted the business like atmosphere. You stated at Ju Kyung still trying to register his request. He sighed and leaned forward, "I would like you to be my pet." He said. "Yeah see that's what I thought you said and again I have to say: what? What does that even mean Ju Kyung?" He took in another deep breath. He was way too serious, there was some odd twist in your stomach like you were about to hear something you weren't going to like. "Being a pet means it's a relationship of sorts between two people. A master, me and the pet which would be you if you agree. Think of it as roleplay, as my pet you'll do as I say when I say it. If you obey like you should you're rewarded. If you disobey you get punished." "So it's a sexual relationship?" You clarified. He nodded, "If you agree, the animal you will be given will be decided by me. I'll buy anything necessary such as the suit, the toys and the collar." "Collar?" You laughed as if he were joking. He didn't laugh. He nodded. "Every pet should have a collar, some indication of who owns you." He answered. You took in a deep breath, this was a lot of information at once. You got the feeling he wasn't done yet either; he stopped talking perhaps because he sensed your discomfort. You were trying to wrap your he'd around all of this, this was the same Ju Kyung that acted like a weirdo around Jay and the others and made stupid faces and drank with you. This was the same Ju Kyung you hung out with just a few days ago. Since when was he into all of this? It must've been for a long time considering he knew just how to react to your reaction. He didn't give much of a change of expression he was just very serious and very business like and that freaked you out more because you weren't used to this guy sitting in front of you. You were waiting for him to laugh and say some idiotic shit but he kept a straight face. He looked at you though as if he felt bad for making you uncomfortable. "If you want to leave Y/n you can, I'm not keeping you here." He said. "Is this some kind of joke? Where are the hidden cameras because there's no way this is you." You said. He sighed, "This is me Y/n. This is another side of me that even I don't let the guys know about. It's nothing I'm ashamed of but for privacy reasons for both myself and my past pets I don't talk about it unless it's in a private setting just as we are now." He said. "Okay stop making sense Ju ju. This is insane, you do know that, right? It's insane, you're asking me to be a pet and you've had past pets? This has to be a joke." "I promise you it's not." He said. You looked away from him shaking your head. "Okay, you said you had other pets what happened to them? Do you still have them?" You asked. He shook his head, "Each pet has a contract, at the end of the contract they can decide to renew or not; however, the confidentiality clause remains in effect even after the contract has ended." "What does that clause state?" You asked. "It states that you will not discuss our sexual relationship outside of the two of us or the club. It's for both mine and my pets safety and reputation." "That's probably the only sensible thing I've heard so far." You mumbled to yourself. You ran your fingers through your hair from the back and groaned. You weren't looking at him, you weren't sure you could. No way you'd ever tell anyone that Ju Kyung asked you to be a pet. That sounded weird even in your head and it's not like anyone would believe you anyway. "You don't have to stay." He said. "You said there's a club, what club?" you asked ignoring him. "There's a private club for pet owners like me. It's also a private thing and anyone you see in there is not to be discussed outside of us. Pets can only get in with a pet owner so when I go you'll have to go with me." "What do you do there?" "It's a social club, a safe place to talk about our- - fantasies. There are also private rooms with various objects that we can use to enhance our sexual experience." "Like sex toys?" You asked. "Some of them are, yes. There's different lubricants and accessories for pets and their owners. All of my pets have enjoyed going there because it's a place of like minded people." "Oh yeah then why didn't they renew?" You scoffed. "They fell in love." He answered honestly. You looked at him curiously. "Part of the contract restricts a pet from seeing another man or being in another sexual relationship aside from ours. If your my pet you belong only to me. Over the years they've come across men that have gained their interests and have decided to leave the pet life behind." You stared at him. This was still Ju Kyung right? You had calmed down a bit but everything was still taking a moment to process. You sat there for a second and picked up your glass to take a sip of water. Suddenly, you were thirsty and not in the good way. Ju Kyung kept quiet knowing you had to process it all. He knew, not just because he knew you but because he'd done this plenty of times before. That didn't settle well in your head. "You said you chose the animals, what were the animals you used before?" You asked. "I told you I can't discuss my pets." "I'm not asking for their names just what kind of pets you've had." You said. "A mouse, a kitten, a puppy, a hamster, a panda, a red panda and a koala." "Wait a minute you mean to tell me you had Hyukwoo's ass in here too?" You said sarcastically. "This isn't a joke Y/n." He said. "Well it is too me. One that needs alcohol to digest." You said. "I wanted you to make this decision sober not drunk." He said. "What sober person agrees to this?" You laughed in disbelief. "Y/n it's just a relationship between two people." "Yeah, one that needs a contract." "That's for both our benefits. It protects you as well." He said. "This isn't normal Ju Kyung at least not for me. Look, I don't know about all of this it just sounds like a lot and I- I just don't know." Ju Kyung sighed, "Shall I call the car around for you?" You were staring at the table, you heard him but you hadn't answered yet. You weren't sure. You had a few more questions. You had one big one that you really needed answered though and if you left now you had the feeling it wouldn't be answered later on. All of this was still a bit insane to you. "So is this dressing up and having regular sex?" You asked. "There's some bondage involved as well as some sadomasochism. Anything you don't like you can request me to stop and I will." He said. "Do you suspend your pets?" You asked. He nodded. "Have you hurt any of them before? I mean in anyway that wasn't pleasurable whether on purpose or accident." He sighed and that made your stomach twist. Shit Ju Kyung who are you? "I would never purposely hurt my pet outside of a pleasure pain however one was hurt during an act of bondage." He said. "How?" Ju Kyung looked away from you and adjusted himself in his seat. He sort of swallowed hard and said, "During acts of bondage or any sadomasochism a safe word is provided and it's supposed to be said when the pet feels discomfort. My pet was gagged at the time so when she tried to say it I didn't hear her. To make up for it I gave her the option to immediately terminate her contract and she was compensated generously." "Do you want to gag me?" You asked. "I've stopped doing that to my pets to avoid any future problems like that. I simply wasn't thinking that day. I- I had let my emotions take the best of me." "So you take your emotions out on your pets as well?" You said. "Do not misunderstand Y/n, emotions can effect how you have sex too. Loving feelings can lead to softer more sensual sex where as stress and anger can lead to rougher and forceful sex. I have contained myself well since that incident, I'm very careful now." He said. "How long do your contracts last?" You asked. "A year normally." "So let's say I agree and sign the contract for a year. What exactly am I agreeing to, explain to me what's going on." "As I said it's a master, pet relationship. If I call you, you need to come to me when I call you." "Now you do know I have a job and you're contract isn't worth losing it over." "My calls are normally during reasonable hours. If you tell me work is keeping you I'll understand. When you come to me, you will be in costume. No makeup is required but it is encouraged at times, such as when we go to the club. Again nothing about the club or our relationship is to be talked about to outside parties. Normally me and my pets are not meant to be seen in public together but considering Jay is our mutual connection and we all hang out often you will just be required to make sure it isn't obvious we're sleeping together. Y/n it's important for you to understand this is purely a sexual relationship. I'm not you're boyfriend, you're not my girlfriend but you are mine. As my pet you belong only to me." You laughed, "So I'm a living sex toy basically. These women are on a year long contract to be nothing but a sex object for you? Where do they benefit because honestly I don't see how being on call for a good screw is appealing." "I take care of my pets Y/n. If you need to pay for your apartment I'll cover you. If you should need a new car or a new computer I'll buy them. Anything you need I provide and most of my pets have found a way to accept that for the year." "Now I see their benefit but I'm set. So how do you take care of me Ju Ju?" He took a moment to think. Even he had to see you were right, he was the only one that gained in this situation. If you wanted a fuck buddy you could find less complicated ways of getting one, although even you had to recognize you were still here for a reason. Ju Kyung was always handsome and you always had an interest in him. You wouldn't go so far as to say you were in love with him but you weren't opposed to sleeping with him, it was just all the extra shit that had you wondering what was the purpose? Was it really worth you saying yes or should you just take the offer to leave? Ju Kyung looked at you, "If you like, once a week I will take you out to do whatever you want to do." He said. "As in a date?" "If that's how you choose to see it. I can take you to dinner or to a movie." "Can I ask why you'd make that exception for me?" You said. "We're friends already, if we're seen in public together questions won't be raised. We've been out on the town alone together a few times before." You nodded. It wouldn't hurt to try it you supposed. You just didn't know if you could be hooked to him for a year. Right now, him as your master sounded very demanding and you weren't sure how you liked that. "If you're still hesitant we can make it a trial." He said. "A trial?" He nodded, "Let's say, four months. At the end of four months if you don't wish to complete the year then you won't have to. Four months should be long enough for you to get used to the pet life and the club. It should also be long enough for you to form the opinion of whether you can continue the year or not." "Will there still be a contact to sign?" "Of course but it'll be for the amount of time we've agreed to and it will be stated it's a trail. At any point in time you find you can't continue with it you can end the trial and you won't have to complete the remaining months. This is something that isn't done with normal contracts." He explained. You bit your bottom lip. You were hoping you weren't going to regret this. "Alright, but I'm only agreeing to the trial. That's it." You said. He finally smiled and God it was like an entirely different person was in that room with you. "Now I have a question for you." He said. You straightened up. "Contraceptives. I prefer not to use condoms. I have all my pets get check ups before we have sex as well, for safety reasons. It's required you use birth control though, do you have any issues with that?" "Nope, I'm already on the pill so I have no problem with that... Will I be asked to please another pet owners at the club?" You suddenly asked. "There may be times where we have extra company but you'll never be alone with another owner and in the presence of another male a condom has to be used, no exceptions that includes myself." "I'm guessing by the way you said that you won't be doing it often." you said. "I really don't like condoms." He said. You laughed, probably the first genuine laugh since he brought you here. "Do you have any more questions?" He asked. You did. One last big question that you'd been wondering since he asked you to be his pet. You looked him straight in the eyes and said, "Why me?" "I've had my eyes on you since the first day we met. Getting to know you more over the years, I feel we'd have a better connection and a better experience together because we know each other so well. You always said you were open to knew things and would try anything once, I figured maybe that meant this too." He said. He gave you a small smile. You couldn't argue with him there, you did say you'd try anything once. You just didn't know how much you'd enjoy this little Pet role. Time would only tell....
I know I said that I would stop reading stories like this but this is so interesting I can't wait for more
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@BabydollBre your welcome lol
HAHA... I like it. I wouldn't mind being a pet, Sehun's pet. TAG ME for the next one. I never seen 50 Shades of Grey, but I'm guessing from the previous comments, this is something along those lines.
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see I saw like one sex scene so I was like ok not bad
omg poor Loco he never saw it coming xD
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why craig why you gotta make loco his homo experience lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
wow! im hooked!!
Yay so happy
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