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I would give out all of my happiness to bring what I thought there was back. Maybe, am I still just one tear that fell from the many you've cried? I always will protect your smile and happiness, even though I may not gain the future I want from it. That one ray of light, that one smile, that beauty you behold inside of you is worth it all to me! I may just be a fleeting moment to you; to me, the moment the the cocoon opened up and this beautiful came soaring out into freedom that is who you were and always will be to me! If #loveisadream #thankyou and your #goldensoul will always carry on in my #silversoul remember to #smile and be #happy because I will always be fighting for your happiness and smiles!! #animeislife #gintama !! This heart is yours so take it as you please, but if you walk away, I need that heart to #breathe! Don't ever let go, don't ever give up, #captains orders- always! ALIVE AND WELL!! And of course as captain, HAVE FAITH IN ME!