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I found this really nice DIY tips to make a really cute night lamp for the bedroom. If you have any empty honey bear bottles at home try this out ! Steps 1. Clean the honey bear bottle. You need a lightbulb & lightbulb cord. ( You can easily get these at Home Depot or any other stores). The person who uploaded this got a 5watt warm white compact fluorescent light. 2. Cut the bottom part of the bottle using an exacto knife or a scissor. This Honey Bear Bottle is made up of plastic that is a little harder than the usual PET water bottles. So watch yourself when cutting the bottom parts out. 3. Spray 3 coats of white spray paint on the bottle. Let it dry, then place the lightbulb underneath the bottle 4. Turn off the lights and see the honey bear glow! P.S. You guys might wonder if the plastic bottle will melt. This blogger observed it for few hours and didn't see it melt. The cap portion is open anyways so there might be enough space for the warm air to escape. (But I'm not sure, cause I haven't made it yet..) Anyone wants to try this out? :)