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It's getting cold. Everyone needs somethin' warm to drink. Why don't we all try Nutella Latte? It's soooo easy to make this. You only need 3 ingredients: half a cup of warm milk, half a cup of coffee, and a tablespoon of Nutella! You can add marshmallows on top or also sprinkle cinnamon if you want it? My work place has Nutella. I think I should try this out real soon. Cheers!
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@rachelykim oh really???? ok!
4 years ago·Reply
@rachelykim wooow thanks for this delicious sweets warm drink.I and my friends enjoyed it a lot today. thanks again friend
4 years ago·Reply
@christy glad that u and ur friends enjoyed it!
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Looks so yummy:))))
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I'm going to try this as soon as I get a new jar of nutella!!
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