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Please read carefully to the end and just follow the instructions below. If not, you may lose your positions and your efforts of building your group might become all in vain: 1. You must use the excel form given to you by your sponsor. You can easily get the excel file here: The LCF Coin Top Leader Group Chat Rooms in Whatsapp and Telegram: Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/I1iLUYYUwwfHFlxbHRxK3V telegram.me/lcfcoin 2. Before sending you and your group's free entry request excel data to your sponsor you chose, you must check again any duplications in full names, any ommission in each cell and the correctness of the mobile phone numbers with global access code 00 and your country code! 3. LCF, the Company has never asked you to change your naming orders! Just use your full name as used in your mother country as expressed in the excel file. Use your full name as shown in your national and state docs! Just one cell for your full name as you use daily, not three cells for Last, Fisrt and Middle! Whatdda ridiculous misguiding on the web and youtube! I am gonna fix this absurdity anyway! 4. Please just submit your group excel data following the details of Excel form input rules: (1) All cells in large CAPITAL LETTERS in text selection mode as preset before typing in (2) No blank space and special characters, such as dots, hyphens and apostrophes in names and ID numbers! Stick them to starting cell blocks! Do not allow space from the cell block starter! No double or two spaces in names, just one space between full name elements! (3) Cellphone or Mobile phone number only starting with 00 with no space with country code plus cellphone numbers, like 0082102253~ for Korea, 00852785 for HongKong, 00234835~ for Nigeria! Do not add any special character such as +. (4) Must manifest your direct sponsor, you and your downline's sponsor! If you don't have a sponsor, just blank your sponsor section, then your upline sponsor will assign your sponsor. (5) Country is your mother country, cellphone is on the basis of your residence (6) Just M or F for sex! No Male or Female (7) Do not express your ID number classification such as VIN, TIN, DL, NIN and other sumiler things in the cell of your ID number cell. Only write down the ID numbers only in all CAPITAL LETTERS and without space! There have been so many errors like this in your previous submissions! Coding people in China do not do these rectification for you! We have to do it ourselves to protect our group interests! If you are new to LCF Coin, please learn from here first, which is my collection of info all about the LCF Coin business to be launched in China in February 2017 by Rothschild with the full support of Chinese government, taking mutual joint leadership in the global digital currency markets! https://www.vingle.net/collections/5088586?asrc=copylink You can read and watch with your own browser or vingle app! Thank you my friends, have a great and wonderful day! AHN SEINGYEOL (Nick name Sandy) whatsapp +821022534121 email: sandyahn002@gmail.com Prominent Global Leaders in the group chat rooms by country: Indonesia: Yudianto .. Brazil: Djalma Nigeria: Mohammed ... South Africa: LiJiang Malaysia: Lee, Gurmial HongKong: Rodelio Ghana: Godwin ... To be added more here
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Hai Sandy, thank you so much, for your great information above. Stay Blessed.