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Live recap ENDED Tae Kang got slapped by Ji An?!?! Ji An got hospitalized. Will they finally find out she's pregnant? I feel things will only get interesting from there. Hi all, it's been a long time since I've done a live recap. Lavieenrose has some business to tend to so I will be doing live recap for tonight's ep. I do fans out there, show me your love and support for the drama, will ya? :D ------------------------------------------------------- Refresh this card for live update. I will update this card every 1-2 minutes. If you like this recap, please spread the words and like + comment below~~~ **Legend** Kim Sun Ah as Hwang Ji An : JA Lee Jang Woo as Park Tae Kang : TK Park Gun Hyung as Jo Eun Sung : ES Im Soo Hyang as Yeom Na Ri : NR ----------------------------------------------------------- ES asks if JA is proposing to him now. She said what proposal, what are you talking about and criticizes and teases him. Then he suddenly kisses her. She's frozen then scoffs at his attitude. I say this guy has guts. She's still cool and mocks him. He laughs it off and she says that's not funny. He proposes something which makes her speechless. Next morning she's at the park doing exercise with her best friend. They talk about ES. Then start jogging. the best friend lady looks pretty good in shape while JA is out of breath already (you shouldn't jog when you're pregnant, friends, please don't try this at home) . The friend was talking and when she turns around JA is way behind her saying she cannot go on and gasping for breath. JA said she's going home and her friend complains. Then some guy appears and gives the friend a can drink, she acts cutely and says thank you in English. TK arrives early at the company and in good mood. He wants to score good points so he cleans up everything which actually causes a problem since he throws away something important. His team members are super mad at him. Team leader reports to JA. JA looks pretty today with her white top and frilly collar~~ Someone knocks on the door. It was the wife of the chairman. They're sitting down and talking now. Both ladies seem so formidable. Mrs. chairman asks if JA is ready (for the chairman position?). It looks like she wants to give JA the company instead of NR the illegitimate daughter of her husband. So I guess she's actually the heiress of the company so she's the one that can choose the successor. JA is shocked. After the lady leaves, JA thinks hard and then screams in excitement. NR sees mrs. chairman and runs to her saying why didn't you let me know you came. She mocks NR, and talks about her blood mother. Poor NR, wish you could see the expression on her face. I feel bad for her now. KT is fixing the printer and making a mess at the same time. Everyone looks at him in pity and contempt. They totally picking on him. They make him separates the beads that are mixed in colors. Such tedious work! Yet they still badmouth him in front of him!??! and laughing. KT is trying to hold back. Then it was lunch time and they said let's go eat pasta leaving him behind. The cute young maknae girl wasn't gonna go but they took her with them too. KT's stomach is grumbling. He complains. He went to the rooftop eating a sandwich by himself and yells out his complaint about this people. Then he suddenly see NR standing by herself listening to music by the balcony thinking about what mrs. chairman says about her mom. KT thinks about the time he sees her at the stair and feels bad for her. He comes back to the office but nobody has come back yet. Only sees JA there. She complains how others still haven't come back and he says there's still 10' left though. So they start bickering at each other again. KT tells her to check his head, he grabs her hand and put it on his head while she tries to pull back then he falls on top of her. They're in that position and everyone comes back just in time. Talk about perfect timing. Everyone is shocked and JA tells them to get back to work or something. KT goes to the restroom and curse himself in silent. Then he heard a weird noise. He got worried and came to check where the noise comes from. He asks the person inside if he was ok and the door opens, it was the seonbae from the party in last ep doing his big business. KT and the guy are drinking at his friend's restaurant. He told KT a story about JA when she's was a newbie in the company. The boss asks her to do something but she refuses straight out and even talks back to the boss. Then he told KT she went to the toilet and cries her eyes out looking at the design. JA looks so cute in the yellow hood! I have one similar to that. She signs her name on the design. Then scene of JA sitting in her shoe closet heaven touching the design and smiling. KT and old guy are still talking. KT suddenly got mad at him for saying something and even yells at him then leaves. It was probably related to JA. KT's friend comes and sits down, he slips something and the guy got hysteric demanding the friend to spill the beans. The next day he starts spreading rumors among his coworkers. JA feels her ears itchy. The team leader comes in and she shows her her design and asks what she thinks. She says it's very pretty. Team leader asks the maknae (youngest girl) to do some errand regarding the design but she says she has a lot of work to do already. Then others avert their eyes. Team leader looks at KT who is doing bead separation work lol. KT looks at the design on the bus, put it in the envelop and then in his bag, hugging it as if his life depends on it. He was about to cross the street then someone taps him on the shoulder saying he drops something. As he looks back another guy takes the bag and runs. He tries to go after him but loses him anyway. He even reports to the police and shows them a photo of the bag but it's no use. At the company NR is surprised while looking at the company emails seeing how they gossip about KT and JA. She smiles deviously. JA comes into the meeting with other directors. NR says something about JA's relationship with KT and even asks the old guy to come in and tell his story. He just keeps apologizing and NR pressures him making him confirm the rumors. NR threatens to fire him. The director (NR's uncle) asks JA what she's doing. JA tightens her fists. KT comes back to the company and runs into JA. JA takes him to her office and slaps him. He denies saying he didn't spread the rumor. JA is on the verge of crying. KT admits to something but the more he says the more tears are in JA's eyes. JA wants to fire him but he refuses to quit. He's about to leave the office but turns around and says something then leaves, leaving JA standing there with tears falling down her face. JA went to meet mrs. chairman at her gallery. The lady assures JA it will be ok. JA apologizes to her. The lady asks what she plans to do. JA thinks about something. At the office at night, everyone already left but KT still has to do the bead work. He thinks about what JA screams at him and sighs. He got mad and throws the beads to the floors. KT walks home and suddenly his dad comes out of nowhere headlocks him. Dad scolds KT for something then together they went to a housing agency. The housing agent talks to them about a house but KT has no interest and walks out. His dad chases after him. KT is about to confess something to his dad. He didn't do it in the end. JA is having dinner with ES who is wearing a pink vest (don't know if I like that color). JA is spacing out. JA apologizes for not listening to him then starts telling him about the things related to her problems. He takes her to the newborn room. She stands far away but he tells her to come closer and take a look. She keeps refusing but he grabs her arm and gently pulls her closer to the window, asking how is it. She makes some passing comments. He starts telling her about the miracle of having a baby. Then he takes her to the intensive care room for premature baby. They're dress in scrubs. He pulls her closer to one baby who has his eyes covered with pads. They're so tiny and cute. He opens the window and let JA put her finger in saying it's ok. The baby holds her pink finger with his hand which surprises her. JA made up her mind and went to meet mrs. chairman. JA tells her to give her support. Next day, JA is wearing a white top with long orange sexy skirt looking around her shoe heaven. She walks to company with confidence with red high heel shoes. Men at the company are still gossiping. She suddenly appears which surprises them. She treats them cooly. They got restless and run away. She sighs and went to meet NR and tell her off. NR is mad and glares at her as she leaves the office. JA spots the old guy who turns away immediately after seeing her. JA does her signature act which is snapping her fingers. He stops and walks to her. He is apologetic. She scolds him lightly and tell him to go but he says something about yesterday saying it was KT's friend that tells him the story. JA feels bad now. JA goes the kitchen where KT is making coffee. She has his back on him. He's surprised to see her. She started uh…Then the other guy says is the coffee ready then KT runs to give them coffee leaving JA in the kitchen. KT is on the phone asking about the bag but no news. He's in agony, hitting himself and crying. JA is in the department store calling ES asking him out as thanks for yesterday. ES does a winning pose and asking if it's ok to eat at home (whose home?!?!). JA is surprised and wonder what the heck is this. She calls her best friend and asks for advice. I think JA asks the wrong person lol. JA hangs up on her and sighs. At the hospital, ES asks his colleague to do a favor for him. At first the guy refuses but ES bargains hard then the guy agrees. His coworker asks is it a woman, ES says no. JA is shopping for lingerie. Oh my. While ES is shopping for flowers. He describes the kind of flowers for JA with so many details that the florist just stares at him. He says awkwardly guess you don't have that. JA put on makeup and about to leave the office then she sees KT sleeping on his desk. She goes through his design and looks at his sleeping face thinking about what he says and smiling. KT opens his eyes and screams which surprises JA. He crosses his arms in front of his chest sang what does she want. She criticizes his drawing saying even kids can draw better. He said who told her to look. She puts the drawing down and try to teach him how to draw properly. Then she whispers, I'm sorry. He said what did you say, trying to ask her to say again. She said I said sorry, I'm sorry, and repeats several times. He laughs at her silliness. She asks about her design. He started saying then laughing awkwardly. The whole building can hear JA's scream in anger and KT's scream. JA starts throwing stuff at him. She takes off her shoe and chases him to the stairs. Suddenly a pain in her stomach. KT runs to her and asks are you ok. At ES' house, he prepares a romantic dinner. He takes out a necklace that has a shape of a shoe covered with diamonds and smiling happily. JA is taken to the hospital with KT. She's sweating a lot. Suddenly she's awake and a female doctor is standing next to the bed with a nurse telling her she has to be careful because she's pregnant. JA says, excuse me!? END PREVIEW JA's parents came to the company. It looks like KT still doesn't know JA's pregnant with his kid. ES is still happy go around. Wonder what he's gonna do when he finds out JA is pregnant.
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you're welcome!! I just want them to at least both know about the baby >_<
wow, its getting better and better, cant wait for next week, thanks!!!
I wonder what his reaction is when he knows Ji Ahn is carrying his baby!!!! cant wait for next week
phew, just finished. Can't wait to see Tae Kang finds out about the kid! He might look irresponsible but i think he'll be a reliable dad!
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