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As far as artistry goes I am a painter, and I draw manga/ comics. I've done charcoal, one of my favorite and messiest mediums. I've done collages and I've done pastels. I've also done digital art. Just about any art form you can think of I've probably done it but I've got nothing on these digital artists below. Check this out!

By Schizophrenic-Alice on Deviant art

This was done very well I love the blur on this photo because all of his features look smooth and it seems so real. Of course it being Black and white I'm a huge fan because there's added drama in this pic I'm so in love.

By flippy-do on Deviant art

I thought this was too cute when I saw it. Look at the little hands, this is too precious.

By Tyv-art on Deviant art

You know I had to post this one of my number one lover. I love how the shadow of his lollipop stick is done on his lip. I can draw but I can not color so this is also my favorite because this artist worked with colors and different shades of those colors. The gradient of red used on his shirt from light to dark makes it look so real and this artist stayed true to their light source. This one has my love because man I would lose my mind doing this.

By Justshima on Deviant art

Again a black aandwhite color scale which I love. As Gray said, there's an infinite amount of shades of gray between black and white and that's why I love black and white photos. Despite the various shades of gray, a black and white scale is simple but also allows a lot of drama to a picture. I really like this one too because at first glance it looks hand done with charcoal but if you look closely it's digital.
These fan arts are beautiful ❤
aren't they I love the first one and Simon as usual
These are sweet
Aren't they I really love the first one though