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Introducing True Love Tuesdays!

Welcome to True Love Tuesdays, a day every week dedicated to showing our love for our favorite ships! This week is a free-bee so anything goes!

Yato x Hiyori ~ Noragami

My true loves for this week is one of my favorite OTPs, Yatori, from one of my favorite anime, Noragami!
I believe these two to be soulmates, primarily because of the manner of their meeting: As a being of the far shore, Yato is hard to notice, almost invisible, though he can make is presence known if he wants, but Hiyori noticed him in passing before she'd even had any interaction with the far shore, and their fates became intertwined! She motivates Yato to be the best possible version of himself, and I just love their relationship!
~sobs~ So beautiful! I love their love story.
Yes Yes! I love them so much!
Yes! One of my favorites for sure!
Yes I love this ship, and I would like to be tagged