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EXO Sci-Fi Okay, let's continue this...
Kai couldn't believe what Lay said. They couldn't run, not anymore more. When he walked into his dorm room, he found his roommate entertaining Suho. They were talking and laughing. When he opened the door, Suho stood up. Where have you been? Ive been trying to get ahold of you. He says right away. Seriously JongIn, you could get into major trouble for being out all night. His roommate said immediately, You could lose your leader position. You worked hard to get that spot. I didnt realize you even cared. Kai replied to them both. Yeah, well, I covered for you. I told them you had an emergency and left suddenly. His roommate said. He picked up his jacket and said goodbye to Suho. I hope this is the last time. He said before leaving. Kai looked at Suho. Hes a nice guy. Suho said. Where were you really? We waited for you but you never showed. Neither did Lay or Chen. Were you guys together? No. I did have something personal come up. I didnt think to let anyone know. Sorry. Suho believed him. Well, anyway, we agreed to try and get together today. Ive been trying to contact Chen but hes not answering his phone. Im going to go over to his place. Did you want to come? Kai nodded. He was tired but he had to keep up with what was going on. Lays words rang in his head. He wanted more time with Lay, to hear him out, what hes trying to keep a secret. But right now, Suho seemed really concerned with Chen. When they got to Chens, there was no answer. Suho said he knew where Chen worked. They were about to leave when they both got a feeling. It was strange, like something pulling in their chest. So, Kai peeked through a window, he seen furniture overturned. He looked to Suho and wiggled his hand like he was wiggling an invisible ball. Suho turned the doorknob and the door slowly opened. They went in. It was as Kai had seen it. Furniture laid as if theyd been thrown across the room, there were scorch marks on the walls, it looked as though someone fought. Suho made his way around to the other rooms looking for Chen but there was no one. Kai thought he felt something, or someone near. He followed that pulling feeling to a closet. As soon as he opened the door, he was shoved to one side, nearly toppling over. He yelled for Suho. Suho came running nearly colliding with the person trying to escape from Kai. He grabbed for his arm but he was knocked over completely on his ass. Kai, hes running out the back door! Suho yelled. He seen Kai come running down the hall then disappear. Suho sat dumbfounded, he went to the spot where Kai had disappeared. His mind started to race with thoughts, thinking something had taken him. He called out but there was no answer. He thought he better get out of there before he disappeared too. Just as he got to the door, he felt a gust of air on his back, he turned around and Kai reappeared holding an older man by the collar. The older man stared at Kai for a long time. Then he looked at Suho, after realizing who he was, immediately got down on his knees, bowing his head. Im sssorry he stuttered, I didnt realize it was you young prince. Forgive me for shoving you over like that. Suho looked at Kai, Kai looked at him like he needed to say something, Suho mouthed WHAT, Kai motioned for him to do something. Theres no need for that, please get up Suho said covering his embarrassed face. The older man got up off his knees. He looked at Kai again, examining his features. It made him feel uncomfortable so he looked the other way. Im sorry. You look just like him when he was younger. Your father, hes Kai Shyo, isnt he? The teleporter, the royal guard. He has to be your father or else you wouldnt be here with the young prince, his protector The old man said looking him from head to toe. And Prince Suho, you look just like your mother He says looking at Suho. Who are you? Suho asked. Again, Im sorry but we need to leave this place before anyone else comes. He said gathering his bag that he dropped from before, Please, lets go. He walked toward the door but Kai grabbed him by the arm again. Not until you tell us who you are. The older man nodded, Im Nero…. he swallowed his spit expecting them to know but from the look on their faces, he guessed they didnt, Im, or I was Taos father. Do you remember him? Young prince, you should remember him, dont you? Suho looked at him. He tried to remember this mans face but couldnt, I remember Tao. Dr. Yin mentioned his father was still around. Yin? Hes here? The old man sounded more alarmed than relieved. Where is he now? What does he know? Has he contacted all of you? What has he told you? Kai stepped forward, Didnt you say we needed to leave? Where do we go? Suho asked. Kai thought about it, Why not your place again? No my parents are home. Suho replied shaking his head, They came back early after they got that call. He rolled his eyes thinking about the conversation he had with his mom. There was one place Kai could think of, he didnt want to because it was his private getaway. But he also had already taken Lay there so whats the use of hiding it, I know where. He grabbed the old man and Suho by the arm, its going to feel a little cold at first he told Suho. Suhos eyes went round and questioning, What is?
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