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i dnt think goku would think of Bardock even less reviving him i mean he never met his dad nd Goku believes that Gohan (the old guy) was his dad
I'm pretty sure Goku knows that Gohan found him. I think that was stated in Dragon Ball. That and he always refers to him as "Grandpa"
I'm pretty sure there is a movie out there were Goku has to fight his dad devour he's trying to destroy earth
Come to think of it, you'd think they would just look for them during those times they have died. Where would Bardock and King Vegeta even be?
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appartently, Bardock is stuck in the past
They'd need the super dragon balls I'm pretty sure. Don't think the Earth or Namekian dragon balls can bring back those two with all the time that has passed...that and wouldn't they resurrect where planet Vegeta used to be?
That's why, with your 1st wish, you bring the planet back.
seriously. like if i was goku i woulda wished back the whole saiyan race then beat them all the fuck up and become their king ! lol