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Thanks in Advance!!
i was hoping in seeing all the relationships get deeper and seeing thr new gen grow up😦😊😊
i would like to see that too
Some may be specials/extras , Naruto has come to an end I believe but the boruto series is set to start spring 2017!!! Its sad to see Naruto end but there's tons of ovas , Movies, games, and specials to keep us busy till boruto comes out!!
I was disappointed with the sasuke shinden arc. I thought it was based off of the light novel and explained how he and sakura got together, but no. nothing. grrrr... I love sasusaku and want to know how Sarada came to be. *grumbles*
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there's a translation of it online, but I wanted to SEE it, not just read a summary
I heard it was supposed to be over after 480, but I think they're just gonna fill in until Boruto starts up (April, I believe)
ohh ok haa ima have to read the manga then^^
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