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EXO Sci-Fi
Nero sat across from Suho, watching him clench his cup of water with shaky hands, but at least his breathing was slowing down. “How are you feeling now?” He asked. Suho looked at him, his face full of worry. Nero put his bag down. “I'm okay. I'm just finding it hard to accept the reality of it. But seeing Kai do what we all doubted existed, is overwhelming. I think once the others see it for themselves, we'll be okay.” Suho stood up, his head spun for a second then he shook it off. “What's in your bag? You hold it like it's your life.” “This old thing…” he nudges it with his foot, “It's everything to me, to be honest. It keeps me safe.” He picks it up and opens it. He pulls a metal rod out, holds it out in front of him for Suho to see. “Looks plain don't it?” He begins twirling it in his fingers. He stands, the rod twirling faster. He dropped to one knee, slamming the ends of the rod on the floor. Right before Suho's eyes, the rod expanded into a staff. Nero twirled it around his body, giving Suho a show. When Nero was done, Suho didn't know if he should clap but he felt like it, he felt like jumping up and down, “That was amazing.” “You still have that look.” Nero laughed, reminiscing, “You and my boy wanted so much to learn. You would sneak away from home and come over and watch Tao do his lessons. You begged me to give you lessons as well.” “And did you?” Nero nodded with a sly smile, “I did. And when your mother found out, she was pretty upset, but when she saw how much you enjoyed it, she allowed it.” Suho's head lowered. Hearing Nero talk about those days long ago, seemed to help bring some memories back. “You asked me before, if I knew what my power is… how would I find that out?” Nero thought about it, circling the room, “Your mother was of the water planet Amphitriusa. I would think, you inherited what your mother had.” He picked up the cup and threw the water at Suho. Suho threw his hand up as the water splashed on him. He looked down at his drenched clothes, a little upset, “What the hell are you doing?” “Maybe you haven't inherited it.” Nero peered inside the cup, he was so sure. He tried to smile looking at Suho's wet front. Suho shook the water from his hands then wiped his clothes. Him and Nero looked eye to eye. “This planet was so strange. The days passed so fast, it was no wonder some of the children developed so quickly. We worried when young Sehun caused a wind storm when he pouted. His mother had to bend to his will to make him stop.” He tried to think of what could trigger Suho into using his powers. Anger could but he didn't want to go in that direction. “Did your earthy parents ever take you swimming?” Nero asked “No. I was never allowed to go near swimming pools or lakes… or rivers….. streams….. any kind body of water.” “Why?” Suho shrugged, “They said I almost drowned once.” He wondered now, if that was true or if they were lying to him. It was something he would have to discuss with them, “Maybe if I concentrate.” Suho says closing his eyes. “Can you help me?” “Yes. Think about holding the water in your hands.” Nero said encouragingly, “Feel the water in your clothes, the water on the floor. Search for the water in the air around you.” Suho tried to imagine the water on his clothes going into his hands. The more he concentrated, he could feel something else happening, like his mind being pulled away from his body. He opened his eyes, expecting to see Nero standing in front of him but instead found himself hovering over a vast blue placid ocean. There was a bright sun, large and burning white. He could see stars and planets orbiting the sun, each with its own light. He heard a voice speaking to him, it was soft but it was distant. He could make out some words. “Water is our life. It gives the tree life” He wondered where he was. “You're home.” The voice answered, it was more clear, more closer. He looked around, “It's beautiful” “Look out there, the city Aquaria” He gazed out over the waters. In the far distance, he seen it. Dozens of towers spiraling into the blue grey sky. With lights shimmering within the towers. He could feel music reverberating in the air. Voices singing to him. “It's magnificent” he says in awe. Then he felt the breath of someone whispering into his ear, “It's time young prince, it's time to embrace who you are.” The water began to ripple around him, rising and crashing against his feet, it crept up his body, it was cold, he felt it seeping into every pore. He felt the water streaming throughout his body, running in his veins as it engulfed him, filling every part of him. For the first time in his life, he felt powerful, he felt alive.
Pssst....you should change the 'seen' to 'saw'
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