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Long time no see!
How you guys doing? Good. OKAY! Do I have something to tell you guys!!!!!!
So, I'm a senior in high school right now. Sometime today the teacher who is over the senior yearbook* had called me into her office and the convo went something like this:
"Hey Max, why haven't you come take you picture for who's who?"
A/N: I didn't know I had gotten pick for something... -_-
"I got voted for something?"
"At the bottom of the ballot there was a spot that said 'which senior do you want to add to who's who and what would you want them in?' You were picked for 'Most Kpop Crazed'
I was like...

HOLUP! *Plays 'Holup' by Bobby*

I have never felt so proud as a kpop fan. Legit the majority of my senior choose ME on who's who as the 'Most Kpop Crazed'
I don't even talk to half of the people in my grade! Wow, it still surprises me that they pick that topic for me. The feeling of accomplishment is so real. I've really made my make on this school.
She also said that I could paint on my parking space, writing a Korean word, phrase, or something that relate to kpop....
or maybe....
Yogi buteora....
*Tries to rap T.O.P's part*
*mumbles a bunch of words*..ha suwi...XD
Now I maybe over reacting to some standard, but......


So...if you hear some random girl blasting kpop and just screaming that she's been labeled as 'Most Kpop Crazed' you have ALL rights to throw a shoe at me to shutup. XD
(*) At our school, we have two types of yearbooks"
-The regular yearbook, that has all grades in it and who's who is mixed (one person of each grade has to be in it)
-The Senior yearbook, that has all the seniors, extra pages in the back to get signs, all seniors who's who....and a bunch of other stuff.
Tagging the Fam:
That's great! Congrats!
That's so cool! Congrats!
Wow that's great!!! I didn't get into kpop till a few years after high school and nobody beside like two people knew about kpop back then. I'm happy that your school acknowledges your love of kpop
That's amazing, congrats! FIREEEEE!!!