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Speeding Isn't That Dangerous

Overall, vehicles "traveling too fast for conditions" accounted for only five percent of the critical pre-crash events (page 23). More significant factors included 22 percent driving off the edge of a road, or 11 percent who drifted over the center dividing line. When driver error was the primary cause of a crash, researchers went further to identify the "critical reason" behind that error. Distraction and not paying attention to the road accounted for 41 percent of the errors. Ten percent of errors were attributed to drivers lacking proper driving skills and either freezing up or overcompensating behind the wheel. Eight percent were asleep, having a heart attack or otherwise incapacitated. A similar eight percent of errors were attributed to driving too fast for conditions and five percent driving too fast for a curve
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The 2021 Hyundai Kona Electric
As a small SUV with electric drive, the 2021 Hyundai Kona Electric was slightly redesigned at the front and rear, and the interior was slightly refreshed. Technically, nothing has changed. The Kona Electric is available with two battery sizes (39 and 64 kWh) and in two power levels (100 and 150 kW). The powerful torque of 395 Nm promises safe overtaking manoeuvres even from low speeds. The more powerful version accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.9 seconds, and the top speed is 167 km/h. The battery capacity enables a range of up to 484 kilometres according to the WLTP cycle. At least on paper. But with an electric car, the personal driving style is very important. The power consumption is measured at 19.5 kWh per 100 kilometres. With the Hyundai Kona, the charging losses are comparatively low. The Kona Elektro's 64 kWh battery can be charged with alternating current ( AC, connector type 2 ) and direct current ( DC, connector type CCS ) as standard. Charging from a household socket (230 V) takes about 31 hours and is therefore not recommended. The Kona Electric with 136 hp is priced at 35,650 euros in the cheapest configuration, and 41,850 euros with the 204 hp and 64 kWh battery. This is still a lot of money for a small SUV, but a fair offer for an electric car with a practical range. The space available in the Hyundai KONA Electric is limited because it is still conventionally constructed so that gasoline and diesel engines can fit under the hood. The trunk volume is only a meagre 225 litres. However, the rear seats of the electric Kona can also be folded down, creating a cargo space for up to 1070 litres.
Cosplaying while black: are we making our communities unsafe for nonwhite members?
It's all fun and games. Until it's not. I've mentioned Marvel's race problem before, but the truth is the problem is everywhere. There are very few positive representations of people of color in the media today. Some of this is because those in charge of casting, writing, and producing the media we love are almost all white. There are about three nonwhite people in America for every nonwhite character we see on screen, and of those characters, how many of them get screentime or character arcs that don't pidgeonhole them in a stereotype? If you don't think there's a problem, you might want to look again. These problems are psrt of fandom too. Since the media we're celebrating is flawed, it's extremely difficult for us to avoid internlizing the harmful messages that we consume. It's not somehing that can be done passively- it takes real work. Chaka Cumberbatch has been a cosplayer for years, and has been the target of harassment because she cosplays as characters that aren't black like- she is. It's not like she has a lot of options- how many black female characters can you name off the top of your head? Storm, Princess Tiana- she's built some amazing costumes for these characters. But why should Hollywood's diversity problem be hers? The underlying message feels very much like: "This isn't for you, you're not welcome here". Why would anyone want to send that kind of message to a fellow fan? In an interview with HaveYouNerd, she mentioned that even people who didn't overtly exclude her could sometimes make her feel like she didn't belong: "Sometimes, you’ll run into some tokenism, or people will start to get a little too comfortable with you – and it’s always painfully awkward because then it’s like you’re forced to walk this tightrope between sticking up for yourself and forcing the group to have an uncomfortable conversation about race, stereotypes, and why the things they’re saying are problematic. I’ve had times when I was hanging out with a group that was predominately male, that I was accused of “playing the race card,” “overreacting” or “taking things too seriously...” Fandom, we need to do better than this. We need to make our fellow fans of color feel like they're in a safe environment, where they can voice their discomfort and not have their feelings dismissed. Where they can come out and have fun and not worry about being tokenized or harassed. We get so enthusiastic over every new trailer release- why can't we show cosplayers of color the same enthusiasm? We freak out every time nerds are misrepresented in the media, but we can't be bothered to stand up for our fellows when they feel attacked or hurt? And before you say that it's "just about hurt feelings" (like feelings don't matter!?), consider this... On September 10th, 2014, Darren Hunt was shot and killed by the police. While the initial report suggested he had been "lunging towards officers", witnesses and the autopsy confirmed that he had in fact been going in the opposite direction. He was shot in the back. Furthermore,, he was still in costume from a character cosplay. He had a toy sword with him. The police shot an unarmed black man, and they blamed their mistake on his cosplay. Part of making our communities safer needs to include effort to make the WORLD we live in a safer place. It should never be acceptable for the police to recklessly commit homicide like this, but we've seen this story repeating over and over again. Darren Hunt was a fellow fan, but the silence from fan communities was deafening. We're fans. We love heroes in capes that swoop in to save the day when all hope is lost. It's an escape. The thing about escaping into fantasies (like we do with films and comics and tv shows), is that all the problems of the real world follow us there. As nerds and as fans, we have no excuse when we ignore the very real problems our fellows face because of their race (or their gender, their sexuality, or the size of their bodies). Silently ignoring the problem, or taking a "neutral" stance does nothing to help the people endangered by racism. All it does is give more power to those whose actions are deliberately harmful. We as fans need to do so much more to make our communities safer. We need to educate ourselves. We need to demand more diverse guests and panels at our conventions, vocalize your support for fans of color (not talking over them, but listening to their needs and adding your voice to theirs), support writers that are diversifying their work, and advocating for change when the systems that are supposed to be protecting us are applying uneven, brutal force against people of color. We need to listen. If you're still scratching your head, just ask yourself: what would my favorite hero do?
밥 먹으면서 봐도 될 정도로 편안하게 볼 수 있는 해외 영화 추천
우드잡 (2014, 일본) 입시 실패에 여친에게 차이기까지 한 주인공 히라노 유키가 자포자기 하는 심정으로 산림 관리 연수원에 들어가면서 생기는 일 거북이는 의외로 빨리 헤엄친다 (2005, 일본) (넷플) 무료한 일상에 질려버린 평범한 스즈메에게 스파이가 될 기회가 생기는데... 남극의 쉐프 (2009, 일본) (넷플) 요리사 잘 만나서 남극에서도 잘 먹고 사는 남극 기지 대원들 알로, 슈티 (2008, 프랑스) (넷플) 울면서 들어갔다가 울면서 나온다는 프랑스 최북단으로 발령난 우체국장 러브 인 프로방스 (2014, 프랑스) 지방에 사는 할아버지와 살게 된 파리지앵 삼남매 클라우스 (2019) 크리스마스에 산타에게 선물을 받을 수 있다는 전설은 어떻게 시작된 걸까 인턴 (2015) (넷플) 열정적인 젊은 CEO가 있는 회사에 노하우와 경험이 풍부한 노인이 인턴으로 들어가며 생기는 일 상사에게 대처하는 로맨틱한 자세 (2018) (넷플) 일 중독 상사들에게서 벗어나고 싶은 두 비서가 각자의 상사들을 서로 연애시키기 위해서 작전을 펼치는 이야기 어쩌다 로맨스 (2019) (넷플) 어느날 갑자기 일상이 12세 관람가 로코 여주가 된 주인공 월터의 상상은 현실이 된다 (2013) (넷플) 평범한 삶을 살아가며 종종 상상 멍때리기에만 몰두하던 네거티브 필름 현상 담당 월터 미티가 어디론가 사라진 숀 오코넬의 25번 필름을 찾아 여행을 시작한다는 이야기 그외 다수.... 출처ㅣ더쿠
What Is The Price of McLaren P1?
McLaren P1 could have been the manufacturer’s most iconic hybrid sport hypercar. Embracing an ultimate hybrid tech, P1 had a great acceptance that’s sustained until this very year even though the model was discontinued in 2015. Despite its monstrous performance, P1 also comes with robust condiments that all hypercar die-hard fans can’t resist. P1 was brilliantly designed to generate a pure driving experience where the hybrid-powered vehicle torched with turbocharging. Again, McLaren has successfully brought the circuit-race experience into road driving, again. Many people weren’t able to turn out the sight from McLaren F1 until the P1 came into the table. When it’s first launched, fans wondered. A hybrid hypercar? Like for real? The year 2020, with the massive growth of hybrid and fully electric vehicles, invites us to look back at the P1’s supremacy as the milestone. Before we go to the price for mclaren p1 nominal, let us say this: McLaren is undoubtedly fairly priced, if not underpriced. This proposition comes from a reasonable elaboration on factors that constitute the actual cost of the vehicle. The ultimately controlled aerodynamics and the 2nd gen active suspension are only glimpses that make this hypercar highly-priced but not certainly expensive. We’re Almost There What does the Mclaren P1 offer for the rider? It’s undoubtedly McLaren’s masterpiece that comes with breathtaking tech specs. McLaren P1 was a first-time experience for hypercar enthusiasts and we should know why. The Hybrid Performance Many people still don’t get it, a hybrid performance? McLaren P1 is loaded with a notorious V8 3800cc with twin-turbocharging. The car also has one electric motor that works in tandem with that fossil-fueled engine to produce 903-904 HP in total. The electric motor bridges the gap of the turbocharge delay that allows P1 to gain the power up to 7000 RPM. The twin-turbo itself produces 727 Hp while the electric motor generates 177 HP. The torque can bring the car from 0 to 60 in only 2.8 seconds respectively with a top speed of 217 mph. The Dual Modes Yes, McLaren P1 comes in two modes: road-legal mode and race-mode. Despite the performance shift, switching between modes also allows you to shift the aerodynamics. You can clearly notice how the bunker and sin shift into the race-mode. P1 comes with super responsive handling that even enhances riding experience through modes. The switch between modes optimizes the hybrid engine performance. The steering wheel is inspired by Formula h1 with the ability to control the tone of the interior that’s dominated by carbon fiber materials. Infinite Personalization As expected, McLaren P1 comes with limitless personalization especially when it comes to painting. You can actually request the color of your desire and McLaren would accurately match it instead of forcing you to choose from their color catalog. There are also other personalization and customization elements that made each McLaren P1 unique. That also makes McLaren P1 prices varied and can go beyond the manufacturer’s standard price. P1 GTR McLaren also more exclusively produced P1’s flagship model named P1 GTR which is also road legal. It has an additional 83 HP and more lightweight that allows the car to run from 0 to 60 in 2.4 seconds. P1 GTR was exclusively offered to qualified buyers only and no more than 60 units were built. Finally, Got There McLaren P1 created the new line of road-legal hybrid hypercar with edged performance. The standard mclaren p1 price that refers to a plain McLaren P1 was $1,150.000 that refers to no customization. However, there is no plain McLaren P1s and the existing units may go around $1,500,000 - $2,500,000. The P1 GTR’s current prices go around $3,400,000 up to $4,500,000. However, the price would be relatives depending on the year, customization, and seller preferences. What you can get now are actually the existing P1s as McLaren stopped production five years ago. Fair Price? That would be an absolute yes. The original price of P1 actually showcases the overall technical specifications and the whole of McLaren’s presence. The customization and personalization made the price higher but indeed captured the customer’s best interests. If you want to buy an existing McLaren P1 now, you’d find the price negotiable and there are even more chances for you to get a fairer price.
한국 국보중의 국보중의 국보 jpg
다른 사람도 아니고 관련 전문가가 국보 중의 국보 중의 국보라고 하는 유물. 과장이나 호들갑이 아니라 진짜 원 오브 카인드라 말하는 유물이란 무엇일까. 그것을 알려면 1993년으로 돌아가야 함. 1993년 부여 능산리  문화재가 가장 없을 만한곳에 주차장 짓기로 결정 주변 다 파보고 검사햇는데 없어서 진행 승인됨. 발굴단중 한명이 아무래도 느낌이 이상함. 한번만 더 파보자 라고 공무원에게 필사적으로 요청함. 원래 규정되면 이미 승인되서 윗사람들까지 결재 땅땅 받은거라 NO 인데 갑자기 우주의 기운이 이상하게 몰렸는지 당시 부여군청 문화재관리국 기념물과 담당자가  오케이 해봅시다! 이러고 무리해서 예산까지 따로 때줌. 그리고 땅을 파보는데.. 갑자기 진흙 속에서 이게 나옴 전에 이런 유사한게 한번도 없어서 발굴 당시에 뭔지 아무도 모름 보름동안 유물처리 끝에 발굴단은 엄청나게 경악함. "백제 금동 대향로!" 무려 1300년전  향로가 완벽한 형태로 보존된 유물인것. 1,300여 년을 땅 속에 있었지만 진흙이 완벽한 진공상태를 만들어줘 녹이 슨 흔적조차 없었다. 당시 학자는 이 유물 하나가 무령왕릉 발굴 전체와 맞먹는 고고학적 대발견이다할 정도. 당나라에 의해서 사비 백제가 멸망할 때  이름 없는 한 명의 백제인이 목숨을 걸고 보물을 보호하다,  진흙 속에 파 묻은 것이라 한다. 이것이 천년이 지나 우연하게, 그것도 완벽하게 보존된 상태로 후손에게 발견된것. 수은과 금을 이용한 도금법인 "수은아말감법"을 사용했는데 이는 서양보다 천년이나 앞선 기술이었음. 정밀하고 화려한 백제 문화재 중에서도 초초초초고난이도의 작품으로, 동시대에도 견줄만한 작품이 없음. 이것을 만든 사람은 삼한 중에서도 미켈란젤로에 해당하는 초특급 천재일 것으로 추정. 1300년전 유물이 어디 손상된 곳없이 완벽하게 보존된 지금의 자태를 보노라면 나라가 멸망하고 온 도시가 불타고 사람들이 죽는 와중에 무명의 한 백제인이 왜 목숨을 걸고 이것을 보호하여 진흙속에 파 묻었는지 알 것 같음. 정말 우연의 우연의 우연의 연속과 행운이 겹쳐서 발견된 유물, 발견될때 섬유 조각과 흔적이 발견되었는데, 금동대향로를 감싸서 묻은 흔적이라 추정된답니다.  즉 우연하게 던져졋거나 난리중에 떨어져 간게 아니라 누군가 의도적으로 파묻어 숨겨둔것 현재도 소개할때 학자가 국보중의 국보중의 국보라고 말하는 그것 백제 금동대향로 출처 아름다움으로나 기술적으로나 뭐든 최고... 이걸 볼때마다 기독교에서 반대해서 향 피워서 전시하는 게 무산됐다는 얘기가 떠오르는데 그거 진짠가요?
What to Do After a Car Accident?
We are all properly privy to the dangers of the open avenue and we've all had our percentage of near calls. When the healthy hits the shan, it's the ones moments that remind us that regardless of how cautious we're there's constantly some knucklehead available equipped to ruin an excellent day. All we will hope for is that on the break up-2nd we are alert and react speedy. Often, it's our mindset at that space in time that makes all of the difference. Accidents occur, even to cautious drivers. The impatient drivers looking to make left turns and head returned to Los Angeles regularly made risky pullouts onto PCH. One such automobile pulled out in front of a motorcycle, and as you in all likelihood wager, this tale did not cease well. The driving force of the SUV full of humans later advised officers that she failed to see the motorcycle. That's thrilling due to the fact all the attention-witnesses saw the motorbike, and heard it too. It changed into a vivid bright motorbike with masses of chrome and an skilled rider and his girlfriend on the lower back. They'd logged over 10,000 miles collectively over the last decade. The motive force knowing her mistake for some motive froze and stopped in place of continuing the flip. The biker had no region to head. The rider admitted journeying 6 to 8 miles per hour over the posted velocity and a few may say he changed into partially at fault. You realize what? It does not matter, it's nonetheless not criminal to drag out into visitors while every other automobile is drawing near. Now it's tough to say if the driving force of the SUV changed into preoccupied with rowdy passengers, rewrapping her lunch to consume at the pressure again, text messaging, or simply had a brain fart. She turned into at fault. The bike rider had a grade three sprained ankle, a little little bit of street rash, a concussion, and harm both his wrists. Needless to say, he might not be running for a while. His motorcycle turned into nearly totaled, ever visible a grown man cry? His lady pal can be ok, however they did end up taking her away in an ambulance. Guess how tons that value? His accidents will prevent him from operating and as cited his stunning one-of-a-type bike became totaled or close to it. He'll need a brand new one or have it completely rebuilt. Those people who live to experience and journey to stay are well privy to the vintage pronouncing: "There are two types of motorcycle riders; the ones who've long past down and stupid people who will down." Luckily, he is a lifer and won't stop riding, nor will his gal. A serious coincidence with accidents because of yet every other left-turning oblivious motive force who just doesn't recognize lifestyles on Earth.