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Hey Otakus!

The Mod Crew thought of a cute new Idea for Us Hardcore Shippers out there! True Love Tuesdays!❤

Each Tuesday The Crew and I will present a Theme or Anime and You Guys share with us your Favorite Ship from that anime or theme! (For you Yaoi Shippers Out there do not worry... They are Welcome on True Love Tuesdays as well!)

Since today is the first day...For today lets just go with your All Time Favorite Ship!❤

My All Time Favorite Ship is one I actually dont post a lot about because I would rather keep it to myself xD I have posted them before but not as much as I should lol. My Favorite Ship Is.... KAGURA × SOUGO!❤


Idk what is is about them but I cant wait to see them become a ship!

\ToT/ I Need It To Happen!

No Matter How Much They Fight!

There Is Just No Way They Aren't Perfect For Each Other!!

Anime : Gintama❤

So Who Do You Ship?

Dont Forget To Tag Me or the The Mod Crew!@AmazingAshley @OtakuDemon10 @AimeBolanos

Tagging! (Ask To Be Removed or Added!)

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@AimeBolanos Also, I like your profile picture.
a year ago·Reply
@BlackDragon88 Oh why Thank you 😄
a year ago·Reply
OMG yes xD I've been shipping it for awhile now but I also kinda ship kagura with Gin so it's been a battle on which one will win my heart xD
a year ago·Reply
@AimeBolanos TuT i'm sorry for being too late. Been too busy in recent days... From now on, I will work hard. ( lol ) My favorite ship is Jack×Elsa ♡ but I also support kagura × sougo couples
a year ago·Reply
@tkdwjd0626 No Worries! Im so glad you still did it❤
a year ago·Reply