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Hello everyone ^^ That's right! I'm so excited to see them participating on the show, they'll be there along with BewhY, DinDin and ZiZo.
Here's a couple shots of them being cute! They also get to demonstrate their "ventriloquism" trick they revealed on weekly idol.
A bit of them together with the boys during the show.
And they get to perform something!! I don't have any details on what it is they sing but we all know they'll do great 👍🏻
Lastly here's some details of what happens in the program. Jisoo revealed that she turned down an SM casting offer 😮😮 looks like they knew what talent is! Blackpink wouldn't be what it is without Jisoo💕 It's set to air January 11th in Korea! >> I'll be on the look out for an English sub version as soon as it's available!
Woah! I wanna watch!!!
I know it looks like it was fun to film!
That's amazing! I can't wait to see it. ❤